Thursday, 23 June 2016

Clarins One Step Exfoliating Cleanser Review

Clarins One Step Exfoliating Cleanser blog review

Y'know when you find a product and you just fall for it?  Well enter Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.

For years I was addicted trusty my old St Ives apricot scrub cleanser, and boy, do I mean YEARS!  I'm talking maybe 8 years or so.  But last September I snapped up a sweet little sample of this Clarins cleanser as part of a gift with purchase offer in House of Fraser and MAN, I'm addicted.

I mean, I raved about this product so much that between my office Secret Santa and family I actually received 6 little miniatures for travelling and a full size product in my stocking at Christmas time.  HOORAY!!

The Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (link) is a gel based exfoliating wash that melts away thick foundation and black eyeliner like a dream.   

I suffer with quite bumpy skin due to having acne as a teen and the one thing I love about this product is the exfoliating particles.  They are tiny but powerful.  I think in the past when I was using the St Ives apricot cleanser I was actually damaging my skin with the large exfoliating particles but this cleanser leaves my face feeling refreshed, bright and almost like it's been newly resurfaced without any harsh chemicals or scratching.

Hitting the purse-strings with a bump at £21.00 for 125ml it is kinda pricey for me, but I can see that the 125ml tube will last me at least 2/3 months and for a product that gives me results like this one, I'm prepared to part with my cold hard pennies.

Have you tried it yet?  Are you tempted?  What's your favourite cleanser?

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Benefit Gimme Brow Review


Hands up if you're a lazy girl?!!!

Yup, that's me and I won't even try to deny it!

Ahead of the big release of the re-branded and reworked Benefit's brow range later this month I thought I'd give a quick run down on one of my favourite Benefit products to ever grace my make-up bag.

I've never been a bold eyebrow kinda gal.  I'm lazy, I'm always in a rush and I just don't have 45 minutes each morning to spend carving out those perfect face sculpting forehead slugs.  Nu-uh, I like my duvet way too much.

But luckily enough a few years ago I was introduced to Gimme Brow by Benefit and I've never gone back.

Now I won't lie, I don't rely completely on Gimme Brow alone 24/7 - sometimes if I've a few extra moments I do a bit of extra faffing around with my Seventeen Brow's That! kit (review here) and I still highly recommend that too, it's got instructions included too, YAS!!

But Gimme Brow by Benefit is a foolproof quickie addition to my lazy gal's morning make-up routine and I think you should check it out.

Currently Gimme Brow is only available in two shades - Light/ Medium and Medium/ Deep and I opt for the later but coming soon Benefit are are changing the range to accommodate shades a bit better - light, medium, deep so I'll be popping into my local store and checking out the difference in shades and see which suits be best - I imagine I'll be a medium kinda gal as I'm naturally blonde (ssshhhh!)

The one thing I love about Gimme Brow has to be the TINY applicator.  I've used many tinted brow gels in the past but they've all just been too awkward for my dainty wee paws and skinny faceslugs but the Benefit applicator just feels more precise and easy to use.

Gimme Brow is designed to add fibres into the brows to help make them look fuller and more volumized which is ideal for me when I'm rushing around at 7.45am throwing things at my face and hoping to come out the other end looking semi-respectable.

When applied alone, my current shade helps cover my naturally blonde brows when my trusty brow tint fades - without looking fake or OTT.  It gives a natural, tamed brow effect and that's just the way I like it..
Retailing at £18.50 Gimme Brow is a bit of an investment but I'd highly recommend adding this tiny tube to your routine - you won't regret it.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Benefit Brow Freebie | Elle Magazine July 2016

Stop the press!!- this month in Elle Magazine you can nab yourself a sweet little freebie from the new Benefit Brow range.

And who doesn't love a freebie?

I'm sure you've all seen the new items from the range and the repackaged and reworked items we already loved but this month in the July edition of Elle I managed to pick up the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in shade 2 (light...YES) that are actually not available to buy until 24th of June 2016.
The Benefit Brow Freebie | Elle Magazine July 2016
Let it be know, I love the name of this product - I am a complete goof when it comes to brows so anything to make life simpler for me is wonderful.
The freebie is not full size but more of a deluxe sample so it'll serve you well for a good few weeks at least.

The formula of the product works really well, it glides on with ease and the shape of the pencil is really interesting as it has two different shape tips - the pointed one for filling in the spare areas and creating a sharp line (if you fancied) and the other, wider tip to fill in the rest of your brows. 

Heads up though -it's almost impossible to see which shade may be included in your Elle pack - don't be that person that rips open all the packs in-store though, everyone hates that gal!  Sure think of it as a bit of a lucky dip, if you get a bad shade, pass it on to a friend.

Also, Ssshhhhhh but - apparently Glamour have a free Gimme Brow from the new range next month - Benefit really are spoiling us, eh?
So what are you waiting for?
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Friday, 10 June 2016

FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast

FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog
FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog
FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog

Belfast's newest eatery, Vandal cracked open it's doors just over two weeks ago and this week I popped along with some friends to see what all the fuss is about.
Located above the well known Whites Tavern, one of Belfast's oldest bars on Winecellar Entry, Vandal is changing the feel of the Cathedral Quarter vibe, with their funky d├ęcor and casual modern menu.
FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog
FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog
FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog
Their menu is quite basic - you'll find deep dish pizzas, Vandal Subs and a sharing platter but keep in mind:  Vandal is certainly not one for the calorie conscious customer. 

Since opening they have already become known for their large, belly busting cream filled cocktails and dessert topped FREAK shakes - the perfect addition to wash down all that pizza - a quirky note to mention - their dessert menu is actually loaded onto classic 1980's kids viewfinders.

FOOD | Local Eats: Vandal, Belfast blog
If you're looking for somewhere new to try, do pop along and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere but don't forget to wear your stretchy pants.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Things I'm Crap At : BEAUTY

So, over the last year I've shared a lot on this blog - mainly it's been hauls, product reviews, sometimes even weekly life updates (guffaw those lasted long, eh?)

There's a few small points I don't tend to cover on the blog, you know why?  'Cos I'm shit at them!

Things I'm Crap At : BEAUTY blog

Eyeliner - OK, let's start with the obvious one.  I know my blog name may lead you believe my wings are on fleek every day but seriously, no!  Now, I'm not saying this is one I'm TERRIBLE at.  I don't avoid eyeliner, very much the opposite.  I've come to terms with the fact I'm shit at eyeliner and I've kinda embraced it.  Plus I look fucking terrible without it.  God loves a tryer, eh?

Eyeshadow - Yup, I'm a beauty blogger that can't eyeshadow!  Is there a shadow school I should be attending?  Where do folk learn to blend eyeshadows like Instagram shows us anyway?

Mani / Pedi's - I'm a naturally messy soul, add a bottle of nail polish and jeez you may as well just write the whole day off. Maybe my hands just weren't built for such things.  9 out of 10 times when I paint my nails I ruin them within 20 minutes and have to redo the process all over again. 

Tanning -  Remember this post?  My first and only time ever self-tanning.  How do folk do that every week?  How do you reach those bits on your back?  Are all your bedsheets brown?  I don't get it. 
Recently I got a spray tan for going on holiday and it was just TERRIBLE.  It's not the most pleasant experience, is it?!  It all started off so well: paper pants, nose plugs and hairnet donned before being painted a more mahogany shade of brown than I was expecting.  And don't even get me started on the underboob stain I was left with.  Srly gal pals, how do you do these thing?

Hair Stylin' - I have 2, maybe 3 hairstyles: up, down or curls.  Does everyone else get out of bed two hours before work to perfect the messy bun look or what?

Skincare - Again, maybe I'm just forever a lazy girl but where do you find the time to do a full skincare routine 14 times a week?  I love a good cleanser - actually that's an understatement.  My cleanser collection and I are baes.  I have SO many that I love.  Possibly one cleanser for every occasion:  Lazy days, deep cleanse, acne cleanse, gels, creams, oils, balms - Ohh yes, I have them all but I rarely do the whole cleanse, tone, moisture palaver, I especially don't manage to do it twice a day. 

Washing my brushes - I lost a good hour of my life this past weekend cleaning my brush collection 'cos I'd just kept using fresh ones instead of cleaning the others. 

Go on, confess.....I won't judge you.  What are you crap at?

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

LUSH Belfast: Father's Day Launch

LUSH Belfast: Fathers Day Blogger Launch

LUSH have got to be one of the best companies for working with bloggers, right?
Well they just got even better! 
On May 11th 2016 Lush Belfast held their first EVER blogger event! 
OOohh yea! 

Held on the same day I flew home from Barcelona I fell over my suitcase several times to make it on time, I was so gawd damned excited.
Along with being their inaugural blogger event in Belfast, the evening centred around the launch of the new FATHER'S DAY RANGE which is live online and in stores now and it's certainly not one to be missed!
LUSH Belfast: Fathers Day Blogger Launch
The LUSH Belfast staff provided us with a mountain of info on some key products along with demos of a few products from the new range. 
Highlights of the new collection have to be;
Superdad Bath Bomb - a slow fizzer bomb jam packed full masculine, woody scents that is rather hypnotic to watch.  Any man in your life would appreciate the smoothing powers of the olibanum oils but to be honest, I nabbed this one before my other half could get his hands anywhere near it. 
Like bubble bars?  I know I do!  So I was made up when I discovered the new Modfather Bubble Bar included in this new collection.  I just couldn't resist picking one of these up.  Not only are these adorable'y kitsch with their little Vespa inspired design but they smell divine.  Get in store and give this one a sniff soon. 
 LUSH Belfast: Fathers Day Blogger Launch Superdad Bath Bomb
Ok I'll have to stop and admit this right here and now, this may be a Father's Day collection but I want it all for myself!!!  I just can't help it!!!
Lava Lamp Bath Bomb - previously an Oxford Street exclusive but now released as part of the Fathers Day collection and I'm lead to believe this one will become a permanent fixture.  Lava Lamp is packed full of cocoa butter and all the citrus'y good stuff like tangerine, mandarin and orange flower.  This little bomb packs a real punch that'd help wake the senses but be warned, you'll be scrubbing that bathtub afterwards as it made a real mess of mine.  Totally worth it though, of course.
LUSH Belfast: Fathers Day Blogger Launch Lava Lamp Bath Bomb
The new Father's Day collection also includes some of the cutest gift sets I've ever seen ranging from a very purse-friendly £9.95 to £44.95.  There's something for all budgets, as you would expect from LUSH.
LUSH Belfast: Fathers Day Blogger Launch Superdad Gift Set
Have you checked out the new Father's Day range in store yet?  If not, GET TO IT!!!
The event was such a lovely experience, the staff in LUSH Belfast put their heart and soul into making sure we all had a great night and I cannot wait for the next one!
Fancy checking out some fellow NI blogger babes?  I highly recommend you do ;)
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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Surviving The Summer Festivals

I've been to more festivals than I could possibly ever remember.  For over 10 years I've found myself laying in a field surrounded by the best folk I've ever met and all the loud noises I could ever wish to hear.
Over the years I have attended festivals in many a guise; as a customer, as a volunteer and as an employee.  And I think I've managed to put together an essential list of items one needs to survive camping for 5 days.
Now most of the festivals I attended, I actually had to fly to, so I had to travel LIGHT.  There's no crates of booze or weeks worth of BBQ gear in my backpack.  But I did manage to survive over 5 days, in a tent, in sweltering heat OR rain and still come out of the end not covered in mud or missing any limbs.  

Surviving The Summer Festivals

Without trying to sounds like your mum, plan for all weathers!  I've been sunburnt one afternoon and stuck in a downpour the next and believe me, it can be miserable if you're not prepared properly.
The essentials:
  • Waterproof coat or plastic poncho - I preferred the plastic disposable type as they saved space and weight for flying.
  • Loo roll or wipes - I'm a fan of wipes personally, clean the loo before you go and clean yer lady bits too.
  • Dry shampoo - ahh how I love how far dry shampoo has come.  Back in 2005 it was like golddust and it smelt like sand and an ashtray had a baby.
  • Layers - a jumper or two to keep warm at night or even to double up as a pillow to sleep on.  I used to wear a big one on the flight over to save luggage space.
  • Ticket, Cash, Card & ID - I'd highly advise buying a locker onsite if you can to keep these safe, plus most festival lockers these days have phone chargers built into them - BONUS!  Some festivals even use cashless systems these days so look into the festival websites before heading off.
  • Suitable footwear - yes, ok, I may be turning into your Grandma here but believe me, I've made all the mistakes.  Just taking trainers so not great when it gets muddy.  Just packing boots - well that's not great for 25 degree heat either.  I'd advise 2 old pairs of sturdy trainers and some cheap wellies you don't mind leaving behind if they get in a mess.
  • Food - for me this wasn't always practical due to luggage restrictions but buying food on site for every meal is damn expensive!  I'd tend to buy one hot meal on site a day and you're talking around £7 for that meal but I'd make a point to stop off at a local supermarket on the way to the festival and pick up fruit, water and snacks for the rest of the time.  Who can be bothered using hexi stoves and tins of beans these days?
  • A torch!  Ahh man torches are great, eh?  Falling over tents is not fun.  Stepping into a minging portaloo is worse.  Buy yourself a cheap torch, don't use your phone - dropped that shiny iPhone6 down a bog will break your heart.
  • Binbags!  ok, sure we'd all love to leave the site lovely and clean afterwards, that'd be great but this one is actually a little more selfish - pack a bin bag that's big enough to fit your backpack in, that way if by chance you do end up stuck in the middle of Glasto's annual mudslide you can protect your backpack/ clothes etc.
  • Tent :  'cos y'know, sleep etc.

Surviving The Summer Festivals

To be honest, I could probably go on for another three posts worth of festival bits and bobs, and I might well do that but for now, you get the jist.  Stick to packing light but sensible and spend more time enjoying the music and atmosphere.

Are you heading to any festivals this year?

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