Beauty | Bomb Cosmetics Haul

I was a little disappointed with the LUSH sale this year, as most of you know; their website crashed and couldn't keep up with the orders that did actually manage to get placed.  Very disappointing.
So I decided to look elsewhere for my bath time goodies.
I had been gifted some Bomb Cosmetics sets for my birthday and Christmas over the last year so I stumbled onto their website mid-Jan to discover they still had some sale items available PLUS free postage for orders over £25.
Although I never intended to spend over £25, I thought I'd just add a few items to my basket and see how I got on.  I had to slap myself and remove half of my was far too easy to hit "add to basket" on everything in the sale section, with prices starting at £1.05 I just couldn't help myself.
Shipping did take a little longer than I'd hoped, (8 days) but it was free and I'm sure they are very busy with their sale so I'll not dwell on that too much.