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I was a little disappointed with the LUSH sale this year, as most of you know; their website crashed and couldn't keep up with the orders that did actually manage to get placed.  Very disappointing.
So I decided to look elsewhere for my bath time goodies.
I had been gifted some Bomb Cosmetics sets for my birthday and Christmas over the last year so I stumbled onto their website mid-Jan to discover they still had some sale items available PLUS free postage for orders over £25.
Although I never intended to spend over £25, I thought I'd just add a few items to my basket and see how I got on.  I had to slap myself and remove half of my was far too easy to hit "add to basket" on everything in the sale section, with prices starting at £1.05 I just couldn't help myself.
Shipping did take a little longer than I'd hoped, (8 days) but it was free and I'm sure they are very busy with their sale so I'll not dwell on that too much.

My haul included the following;
Sale items:
Holly Dolly Bath Blaster  @   £1.15
Ginger Bath Blaster   @  £1.15
Stocking Fizzer Blaster  @  £1.15
Midnight Mass Bath Blaster  @  £1.15
Holly Go Lightly Bath Blaster  @  £1.15
Glitterballs Creamer  @  £1.05
Butter Blizzard Creamer  @  £1.05
Snowdrift Bath Creamer  @  £1.05
Robin the Rich Creamer  @  £1.05
We Three Kings Bath Creamer  @  £1.05
Non sale:
Pineapple Expressed bath Blaster  @  £2.09
Raspberry Ripple Bath Blaster  @  £2.09
The land of Milk & Honey Bath Blaster  @  £2.09
Mr Lather Lover Bath Blaster  @  £2.09
Gold-linger Bath Creamer  @  £2.09
Skin Envy Bath Creamer  @  £2.09
Diamonds & Pearls Bath Creamer  @  £2.09
Totally Tropical Bath Creamer  @  £2.09
Raspberry Diva Bath Creamer  @  £2.09
The Moons a Balloon Bath Creamer  @  £2.09

All the items were beautifully packed, as you can see and I also got a free air freshener for my new car... you can't beat freebies.  I really wish I'd picked up a few of their candles from the sale too but I really didn't need them(as if I need 20 bath products...) so I removed them from my basket.
My initial plan was to put some of this haul aside for gifts but I'm not too sure how long they will last, unlike LUSH, the items don't seem to have a use by date on them but they are all individually wrapped so I think they will last well. 
I'll probably use the Christmas sale goodies for myself though, just in case they don't keep well.  PLUS, I still seem to be in a bit of a Christmas mood, I think it's the weather or the fact I've been stocking up on gifts already for next year...I know, it's sad but hey, it's done.
So, have you ever used Bomb Cosmetics? Or did you get any good sale bargains this year?
I'd love to hear from you all..
Gill   x


  1. Wow, I really need to get myself some more LUSH products because this haul looks amazing! The raspberry diva bath cleamer sounds amazing! I love using the bath bombs from Lush. x x

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

    1. If you're going for Lush, their Valentines range looks so lovely and I think they are releasing their mothers day range this week too.
      These Bomb cosmetics ones really have stood up to the quality of Lush too, I'm surprised xx

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    1. I really did, I got a bit too carried away...Oopsie :p

  3. That's a massive haul! I really want to try Bomb Cosmetics - for a start, they're cheaper than Lush! I haven't really bought much in the sales to be honest, although I'm gonna try and pick up some last minute bargains this week :) x

    1. Really hope you did, it's good to be good to yourself :) x

  4. That is some haul! Impressive <3

    1. I know...I got a little overexcited but I don't regret it one little bit :p x

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    1. So far so good. For the price, they're ideal and I've put some aside for gifts too. I'm well impressed :)