Beauty | Spring Glossybox Unboxing


If there is one thing that brightens my day in work, it's GLOSSYBOX arrival day.  And today is that day.

Since it just popped onto my desk, I thought I'd share what goodies I got in my box.  I think most people get the same products but slightly different shades so here goes;

This months box has 4 FULL SIZED items and 2 sample sizes and I'm rather keen to try most of them.

NAOBAY: Moisturizing Peeling  100ml  worth £13.71
Now this is one I am very keen to try.  I'm not a real brand junkie and this box does have a couple of brands I've never heard of, this being one but I am a sucker for scrubs and peels etc.  I love the sleek packaging on this product and the wooden lid.  What is better for spring than a good skin refresh?!

ESSENCE: Lash Princess Volume Mascara  12ml  worth £3.30
A decent enough product, I've never been overly keen on Essence products in the past and I'm kinda over getting mascaras in my GlossyBox now.  I'm sure I've gathered enough mascaras to last me a good few years from these boxes alone.  But I'm sure when the time comes to give this a go, it'll do the job.

NCLA: Nail Lacquer  15ml  worth £13.00 in the shade "Santa Monica Shore Thing"
This is the other brand I've never heard of, but as I said, I'm not great with keeping up with the Joneses so I'll give this a bash.  Certainly not in a shade I'd usually wear these days but I'm sure I'll find an outfit that clashes superbly with it and give it a whirl.

CARMEX: Moisture Plus Ultra Hydrating Lip Balm  2g  worth £4.49 in the shade "Berry Sheer Tint"
With the changeable weather these days, my lips will be glad to see this product, I'm sure.  I find it hard to get on with a lot of lipsticks these days due to having slightly dry lips and being on the go a lot means I don't get to check my lips to touch up my make up too often so tinted balms are great for me.  Moisture PLUS exciting!!

DOVE ADVANCED HAIR SERIES:  Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner - sample size
I'll admit it, I've never been really keen on Dove hair products.  Usually the smell puts me off hair products very easily BUT, I've not had a good wiff of a Dove hair product in a while and these ones smell pretty damn good.  "For ageing hair" too?!  Cheeky sods must've known I'm having a mid life crisis in my early thirties.
Now I tend to use products that help keep my red hair colour but I'm willing to give these a go.  Sure, why not.

I received my GLOSSYBOX subscription from my better half last year as a treat and I think it's due to come to an end soon, if they stop giving me mascara and random shades of nail polish I'll consider renewing it or maybe look at alternative beauty subscription boxes.

Have you received your Spring GLOSSYBOX yet? 

Or do you have any alternative beauty box suggestions?

Gill   xx