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How I waste away my life: NETFLIX

My name is Gillian and I have a confession; I am terribly addicted to NETFLIX.

Oh come on, I'm sure you are too!  No?  Fibbers, the lot of you!

My OH and I have recently started (re)watching HOUSE right from the start.  We're currently in the middle of season 4.  If you don't like Hugh Laurie, you're a big fat liar.  I think it's impossible.  #lupus #lumbarpuncture. 

Is it June 12th yet?  I'm thinking of taking the day off just so I can make a fort on my sofa and watch the new season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK.  Srsly.
I watched the first 2 seasons last year and I have to admit, it did take a few episodes before I was hooked.  But now I'm there, line and sinker and simply cannot wait to see what Piper whinges about in season 3 and how Alex copes.  Excited.

Around a month ago I was sent home from work ill and I discovered ONCE UPON A TIME.  It's so ridiculously cheesy I just had to watch it.  And watch it...and watch it!  I think I devoured six episodes in one afternoon and I think you should too.  Definitely one to watch for anyone who loves a good Disney tale brought to life with terrible acting.  It's so bad, it's good.

DAREDEVIL, PLL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES are all new shows to me. 

I know PLL and The Vampire Diaries have been around for an age but I've spent the last few years boob popcorn deep in Gossip Girl,  SOA and Criminal Minds so I'm finally getting to check out some new(to me) shows.

I'm a sucker for anything superhero-esque and Daredevil only has 13 episodes online so far, I'm sure I could knock those back in about a week.

PLL seems to be the show that all the bloggers talk about.  It's a little young for me but I still like to pretend I could be part of the gang.  I'm terrible with mystery shows like these so I have to admit that I read some episodes ahead to figure out exactly what was going on as it all got a bit silly for a while but I'm still sticking it with it.  I'm currently near the end of season 1.  I think this one will take me a little longer to watch; 5 seasons with roughly 24 episodes a piece... hopefully that'll keep me amused for a while.  Sadly the OH refuses to watch this one.  Surprising, eh?

Vampire Diaries I'm only a few episodes in but everyone is just so... GORGEOUS.
Surely that's a good reason, as any to watch a new show.


  1. I love watching Once Upon A Time! I think that it is really interesting with all the twists to the fairy tales :)

    Sarah |

  2. I have a huge Netflix obsession too haha!! I absolutely love pll, especially the last episode! Wish I hadn't watched them so I could watch them all for the first time again haha! And you're right, everyone in Vampire Diaries is gorgeous!! I need to catch up on it! Really enjoyed this post :) xx

  3. Oh my gosh, I binge watched all 5 seasons of TVD in 2 weeks, back to back, for like 5hrs a day! Now I'm all caught up but crying because it will be finished forever soon :((

    I have a meticulous list of all the TV shows I watch, what episode Im on and what day it comes out. I watch about 20 different shows!

    1. I did that with SOA, it's too handy having it all there, just waiting to be binge-watched.
      I have such a long list too. Everytime I get a recommendation I stick it on the end. I probably won't see sunshine for the next 5 years :p

  4. I love Once Upon A Time and OITNB and I can't wait for season 3 in June. I'm also super obsessed with Greys Anatomy and Gossip Girl at the moment.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. I just love GG. I never really gave Greys a good chance, I'll add that onto my never ending list xx