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Morning everyone.  A bit of a quick one from me this week, nothing too exciting this week but since I'm trying to stay on track, off we go;

My Weekly View;

This week has been full of rescheduled plans.  Due to the horrid weather we've had this week, we had to postpone a girly day we had planned "Zorbing".  If you're not sure what "Zorbing" is, you are basically put in a giant inflatable hamster ball and roll down a big hill.  A few friends and I were super excited to go and make right tits of ourselves on Tuesday but due to severe gale winds and storms it had to be postponed until another day.  If any local folks want to give it a go, Jungle NI down in Magherafelt do it for a very reasonable price.

To be honest, it was probably for the best the Zorbing was cancelled, I ended up using my half day off work tucked up on the sofa, a doggie on each side, watching Disney movies and I am currently suffering a case of (wo)Man Flu.  Snot monster doesn't even come close.

This week I have really got back into watching YouTube videos and my favourite YouTubers recently are;
Grace @ UglyFaceOfBeauty is just a straight talking, honest, great fun to watch vlogger , 
Khila @ Miss Budget Beauty who is a lovely, bubbly person to watch, she does some great reviews on...budget beauty, of course.
Elaine @ Elaine12Jones is a VLogger who takes us through her day to day adventures.  My OH actually walked in when I was watching one of her videos recently and thought I was mental watching someone unpack their shopping but Elaine is just so sweet and down to earth you should all check her out.

With it being Easter this weekend I actually get more than 1 day off this week which is AMAZING!!  I plan on doing a lot of cooking, perhaps some shopping....actually I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a lot of shopping this weekend as I've been so good recently.  There are so many new products I'd love to try so I plan on pounding the aisles of Boots and Superdrug over the next few days.  I'm still on the hunt for a lovely pinky/nude matt lipstick so if anyone has any good recommendations, please, pleeeease send them my way.

This week I discovered something I should have discovered MONTHS ago.  How amazing is the Garnier Micellar Water?! And why didn't I give it a go before now?!  Usually i find water type cleaners useless for removing my foundation, I think it's a mix of my huge pores and my love for my E.L Double Wear but this one really does the job.  I know I'm hooked now.  And it was on sale in Superdrug; BONUS!

Have you been up to anything interesting this week?  

Or do you have any plans for the Easter break, if you get some time off.

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