Music | Temples Festival 2015

This weekend sees the second installment of Bristol's newest Extreme Metal Festival: Temples!

As a lover of all things metal (except power metal, 'cos y'know) and as a festival veteran, I was truly gutted that I wasn't able to attend the festival this year.

Beauty | May Product Empties & Speedy Reviews

It's that time of the month again!   ...oh no, not that time, but empty product time.

Wooooosh...It's the end of May already.

Beauty | Wednesday Wishlist

Wednesday Wishlist: BEAUTY

It's that time of the week again!
I've been wishing away the afternoon lusting after all the pretty things!

Lifestyle | Bank Holiday Weekend Haul

It's a rare day that I get to take myself off shopping these days, so this weekend I took full advantage of some plans falling through and off I went.
I'm so happy with the few small bits I picked up that I just had to share....

Beauty | L'Occitane Freebies - In Stores Now

Until May 31st L'Occitane stores in the UK are giving us all the chance to try some of their best selling goodies(while stocks last).

Fashion | Wishlist Wednesday: Schuh

Wishlist Wednesday: Schuh


I love a good wishlist.  

This week I have been lusting after ALL the shoes.

I think I'm still half thinking of winter with all the boots on this list but I have added the odd wee splash of colour...something quiet new for me :p

I have the jelly sandals already in clear glitter but I've been longing for those pretty mint opaque ones for weeks now.  COME ON SUMMER!!

Oh and just look at those Black Sabbath Converse.  GIMME!!

Have you been lusting after any pretty things recently?

Beauty | Make Up Gallery @ Poundland

             Liquid Eyeliner in Black / Pixi Dust Pink 4 / Mushroom Magic 6 / Pillar Box Red 15 / Parma Violet 24 / Lip Liner in Red

I love a bargain.   I also love make up.

So the Make Up Gallery range now stocked in my local Poundland is just ideal for me when I'm trying not to spend too much lately.

Fashion | Blingin' It Up : Body Jewellery Shop*

Beauty | Products I Would Never Buy Again

This may be a bit of a controversial choice of products, I know at least 2 of these items are well loved by many Bloggers out there but sadly they just don't butter my muffin.

Fashion | Wednesday Wishlist: Yours Clothing: Plus Sized Fashion

Yours Clothing: New In Wishlist

Chevron Dress  /  Denim Gilet  /  Fringe Bag  /  Black & Green Dress  / Black & Pink Dress / Pink Oriental Dress  /  Platform SandalsTartan Wrap  /  Acid Jeans
I've spent hours lusting over the recent additions to the Yours Clothing site. 
Surprisingly I have yet to purchase anything from this brand. 
I think that'll certainly have to change now.

Beauty | First Time Tanning With Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan

Let's get down to business; I'm a pale girl
A super pale girl.

Beauty | The Concealer Edit

Over the years I've tried many, MANY products to hide my poor skin enhance my pretty face.  I've suffered with acne for over 17 years.
Yes, seventeen years!
Since my early teens and now, even in my thirties I still wouldn't say my skin is acne free but it has improved a hellva lot. I put this improvement down to the treatments I had in my teens, followed by years on a specific contraceptive pill (Dianette).  But as I recently changed to the contraceptive implant my skin has reacted a little too teenage for my liking.....(TMI or what?)
I know people say you shouldn't cover blemishes with make up, but who are they kidding I've never really been a fan of green/ redness neutralising products.  To be honest I don't tend to get a lot of redness, rather I look for a product that would compliment my foundation shade well and has good staying power - just that extra something to hide those pesky wee blights I'm a pale girl, I tend to use the lightest shade foundation in most brands and I find that concealer can be quite limited in the shade offering. 
These are my favourite concealers as of late

Friday Favs #1

Friday Favs

Thorntons Toffee Popcorn

Need I say more?  Like Butterkist but 100 times better.  Yum.  Trying not to eat a whole bag requires serious will power.  Really.