Lifestyle | Bank Holiday Weekend Haul

It's a rare day that I get to take myself off shopping these days, so this weekend I took full advantage of some plans falling through and off I went.
I'm so happy with the few small bits I picked up that I just had to share....


This weekend I found something I had no idea existed.  A Kiehl's store in Belfast.  How I didn't know this before has truly shocked me but I had the most amazing experience on my visit.  I think I'll have to do a whole post on the experience soon.  I picked up the Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol Free Toner AND the bloggers favourite, Midnight Recovery Concentrate this time but had to stop myself buying anymore.
I'd been lusting after the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for months now so decided to treat myself but more on than later, I'm sure. 

I made a quick trip to Primark.  I cannot stand my local Primark store on a busy day, I want to tidy everything and I'm sure they'd frown on that.
There are a few items I purchased that I've decided to return, as always.  I'm never too sure of Primark sizing and my fashion sense is ever so slightly odd at the moment so I need to pop back soon to return some bits.
Of the few things I did manage to pick up and plan to keep; all total bargains.
I've had my eye on the grey chevron throw for a good few months now but I totally didn't need it.  But who can pass up such lovely homewears when they are reduced to half price?!  This throw was down from £10 to £5!  But even better, when I got to the till it was actually only £3.  THREE POUNDS!  Gimme all the throws!  It's SO soft, I want to roll around in it for hours.
The 2 mugs are just super cute, I love all things geometric at the moment and they were down from £1.50 to £0.90 each.  I had to stop myself buying more, my poor kitchen cupboards are coming down with mugs already.
OK, now I'll admit it, I'm a HUGE Disney fan but I've never totally been a fan of Frozen.  However, I needed some new lounge pants for around the house, y'know the kind; for housework days etc and these babies were down to £3.  Again, THREE POUNDS!!  From £10.  And I got them in a roomy size 18 but they did have loads of sizes on display.  I'm always conscious that lounge pants shrink a bit so I sized up one on these.  They are really sweet, with Olaf on the hip and "FROZEN" down the alternate leg with cuffed hems.

The last 2 items were just staple beauty buys that I tend to pick up on most Primark trips; Breath Spray and Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray.  Both items from Primark's own PS I love you range and both around the 80p mark.

Next up I popped into LUSH.  As much as I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, I really have no need to at the moment, I'm still working away at my Bomb Cosmetics buys from back in January (post here). 

So I think I was quite restrained and only bought 3 items from LUSH this time.
Phoenix Rising: A bright purple and gold bath bomb that smells simply beautiful.
Lullaby: A shampoo br made from chamomille, oat milk and ground almonds.  I have never tried a shampoo bar before but I've always been intrigued so after a quick demo in store from a lovely sales chap, we decided Lullaby would be best for me.  I'm really excited to try it.
Movis: A cleanser and a repurchase.  I love this cleanser.  It's made with wholemeal bread, wheatgerm oil and cocoa butter and it's great for helping to reduce scars, along with exfoliating and softening the skin.  As a long-term acne sufferer in my youth, I've totally fallen in lovely with this product.  I don't tend to use it everyday, it's more of a bath-time treat - and I'd usually only buy a small 100g bar of it as I tend to drop it in the bath a lot.  Oops. 


No shopping trip is complete without a trip to Paperchase.  
I've been changing one of our spare rooms into a dressing room/ office and I fancied a few postcards to brighten up an area of my wall so I figured any of these would be ideal.
I also picked up a sample of Estée Lauder Double Wear Light while I was out.  I've been using their original for at least 12 years now, maybe even 14 years and I thought I'd give the lighter option a try so I hope to give that a go this week.
And I collected my L'Occitane freebie during this trip too, (post here).
Have you tried any of the beauty items I picked up before?


  1. Aww, the Olaf pants are so cute! Love everything you bought, great post :) xx

  2. I am droooling over you Kiehl's hual... Nice purchases

  3. Yay! Shopping is what bank holidays are all about! You got such lovely bits, thanks for sharing! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  4. This makes me want to shop! Ah Olaf shorts are cute! Xx