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Over the years I've tried many, MANY products to hide my poor skin enhance my pretty face.  I've suffered with acne for over 17 years.
Yes, seventeen years!
Since my early teens and now, even in my thirties I still wouldn't say my skin is acne free but it has improved a hellva lot. I put this improvement down to the treatments I had in my teens, followed by years on a specific contraceptive pill (Dianette).  But as I recently changed to the contraceptive implant my skin has reacted a little too teenage for my liking.....(TMI or what?)
I know people say you shouldn't cover blemishes with make up, but who are they kidding I've never really been a fan of green/ redness neutralising products.  To be honest I don't tend to get a lot of redness, rather I look for a product that would compliment my foundation shade well and has good staying power - just that extra something to hide those pesky wee blights I'm a pale girl, I tend to use the lightest shade foundation in most brands and I find that concealer can be quite limited in the shade offering. 
These are my favourite concealers as of late

For a good few years I was totally loyal to Estée Lauder but at £21.50 a go, who has the dolla for that?  So I started looking elsewhere for a more purse-friendly alternative.  

NYX HD Concealer in CW02 Fair £6.00
Goes on matt which I think shows well in the above swatch.  One of my newest additions and it firmly became a favourite.  I picked up the second lightest shade as the "CW01" was out of stock and this still super pale which is perfect for me.  Stays in place all day, covers dark circles AND blemishes but doesn't look cakey.  Wonderful.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer SPF10 in Light   £21.50
As I said above, I've been using this product for years and it's always been my go-to concealer but I just feel these days there are so many other products on the market for cheaper, easier to get hold of and give just as good coverage as the Estée Lauder.  Since buying the NYX, I've noticed this product seems to have an orange tinge to it.  It's still pale but nowhere near as pale as the NYX HD. 
However, I can't falter the staying power of this product. 
I do find I waste a lot on the wand compared to the NYX too.  I think the packaging could be improved to clean more product off the wand as it's removed from the pack, especially since it's high-end, you don't want to be wasting too much of the product.

MUA Hide & Conceal Cover Up Stick in Fair £1
Did you see that price?!   One Pound!  The shade selection of this range is obviously much more limited but I find the "Fair" to be a great match for my foundation.  No, it doesn't last all day but you could get a work-day out of this product.  A good 8/9 hours of decent coverage for £1 without sinking into my pores, you can't complain about that.

SEVENTEEN Phwoarr Paint in Fair £5.49
I bought this on a random lunchtime shopping trip a few months ago, it was actually on offer in Boots at buy one, get one half price; so I did.  I bought 2.  I've just hit pan on my first.  I think this is really designed as a heavy under-eye concealer rather than for blemishes but I use it on both.  
Do brands actually advertise their concealers are for blemishes anyway?!
I find this a great match for my foundations with great staying power.  The formula is really creamy so it blends really well.  I can wear this one some days with just powder on top and that is rare for me.  I'm usually a full coverage gal.

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer in CJ02 Fair £6.00
Another thick textured product, this one is very similar to the Phwoarr Paint but I was intrigued so, obviously I just had to buy it.
I think it's possible I have fallen head over heels with this one.  It's super creamy and gives great, full coverage all day.

Have you found any good concealers recently?  Or even better, have you found a wonder cure to acne?  That'd be fab .


  1. Wow I can't believe the MUA concealer is so cheap!
    My favourite concealer for covering blemishes would have to be the Nars Creamy Concealer. It is pricey, but since I only use it on the off occasion when I have bad spots its not that bad if you think about it. + it doesn't take much to pack a punch.

  2. Double Wear Concealer is definitely one I want to try. I've head a lot about the Seventeen one but it doesn't seem to come in many shades! xx

    Magpie Jasmine