Beauty | Products I Would Never Buy Again

This may be a bit of a controversial choice of products, I know at least 2 of these items are well loved by many Bloggers out there but sadly they just don't butter my muffin.

I'm a HUGE fan of Philosophy products.  Like MEGA fan.  Their Hope in a Jar for dry skin is the only moisturiser I've truly fallen in love with but with a purse churning £35.00 a tub, I am forever trying to find alternatives.  Since their items do tend to be a bit pricey for me, I really only buy them as a treat.  Last year they had they most amazing Peppermint Stick Limited Edition bubble bath/ shower gel/ shampoo combo.  It made me a very happy girl.

This year I picked up their Coconut Frosting version.  It's a 3 in 1 product, as like the Peppermint Stick it can be used on hair, shower gel or as bubble bath.  To be honest I don't tend to use these products in my hair - I prefer products that help protect the colour of my hair instead.  So these Philosophy products are really just a fancy shower gel/ bubble bath for me.  £14.00 is a fair amount of cash to be swirling down the plug-hole y'see so I want some yummy results for my dolla.

Sadly this one just didn't do the trick.  The coconut fragrance left me somewhat deflated.  It wasn't sweet & exotic, as you'd expect but rather a bit bland.  In future I'll stick to a £1 bottle of Original Source coconut shower gel from the pound store.

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo - Uplifting Volume:
I'm a lover of dry shampoo.  It's wonderful stuff, especially for gals with dodgy coloured hair, like myself.  It saves me time in the morning, a quick spray and go instead of a full wash and blow dry. 
Well it usually does.  Not this one.  Using Herbal Essence dry shampoo was like empting a sand bucket on my head.  Really.

I have quite fine hair so anything to add a touch of volume to my locks is a welcome bonus but I couldn't even get my tangle teaser through my fringe after using this stuff.  I tried it at least 3/4 times thinking maybe I'd just sprayed it too close/ too far away/ got a bad batch but nope, it's certainly not a good one.  Smell wasn't bad though.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation:
Oh, how I wanted to love this.  I wanted to love it SO much.  But it just wasn't meant to be.
I'm a full coverage foundation kinda gal.  I dabble with medium/ buildable formulas but I do tend to stick to my Estée Lauder Double Wear (oh holy grail) most of the time.
Imagine my excitement when I read a gazillion bloggers say how amazing this drugstore product was!!  I love a matt finish but jeez louise, I certainly didn't expect it to make me look like a giant pot hole. 

I got so excited in Boots when buying this foundation that I actually bought TWO tubes and the primer from the range.  The formula sinks into every pore.  Some pores I'd never even noticed I had before.  There was just no saving it.  I tried applying primers, using BB creams, mixing it with moisturisers or even other foundations but it just wasn't for me.  I'd only recommend this product if you have completely flawless, plump, happy skin. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Highlighting Pen:
I'll admit it; when I bought this I thought it was a concealer but after a week I realised I was doing it all wrong.  I'm new to highlighters and prefer a powder instead these days but for £25 I wanted to love this product.  I personally don't think it's even worth £10 never mind more than double that. 

Olay Even & Smooth Light Day Cream & Rimmel Wake Me Up Radiant Rose Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch:
These were both wee cheap bargains I think I picked up on sale in my local supermarket.  I didn't like the texture of either.  The Olay day cream just smelt odd.  The Rimmel shimmer touch gave me an amazing "slapped face" look. 

MUA Brow Define:
I'm lazy when it comes to brows, I can never get them to match when I use powder so I just use the Benefit Gimme Brow to colour my naturally blonde hairs and define. 
I bought this with the hope it would be a dupe for the Gimme Brow.  It wasn't. 
The brush is far too big.  The colour of the medium shade is slightly strange.  I just couldn't get it to work at all.  I felt like it had a slightly green tinge to it.  I tried adding powder etc but that just defeats the purpose of why I bought it.

Have you had any recent purchases you've been disappointed with?  Or have you tried any of the products above and disagree with my thoughts? 


  1. Oh no, that L'oreal foundation sinking into the pores doesn't sound great - would definitely put me off buying it! If you don't like the YSL Touche Eclat, I'd recommend trying MAC Prep & Prime - it brightens and conceals! xx

  2. I wanted to love the YSL Touché Éclat too but I'm so fair it did nothing to highlight and nothing but cement is going to cover these dark circles.

    Sarah x

  3. Thanks for letting me know about these products, I hate disappointing products.
    Amy @ Blonde Amy x

  4. Yep, glad it's not just me not sold on Touche Eclat either! I thought it was a concealer for a long time too, oops. ;) xx

  5. I agree with your thoughts on the herbal essences dry shampoo. I wanted to like it I really did but it was awful! Glad to see it wasn't just me xx