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I loooove a bit of sparkle.  Who doesn't?

As a lady with stretched ear lobes I tend to regret my youthful decisions when I see my friends wearing such pretty earrings.  Totally ear candy envy.

Recently I've started trying to reduce my ear stretchers.  For over 6 years I've had lop-sided ears.  In my right lobe I had an 18mm tunnel and my left lobe was home to both a 6mm and 8mm.

So I got a little over excited when Body Jewellery Shop let me chose a few items* from their ear piercing line recently.  Having shiny new ear d├ęcor is always super exciting and they have such a huge range to chose from.

Since I've been downsizing, my right lobe is now a healthy 12mm/10mm and my left is back to normal - YAY pretty earrings.  I think  I'll probably stay lop-sided forever now and keep my new size tunnel.  I did go smaller for a few weeks on my right ear but I just didn't feel like me.

I chose the super comfy silicone options in both red and blue since I wear a lot of navy to work and the red is quite a contrast against my hair... I love being a big mismatch y'see.

Then I stepped slightly out of my comfy zone and bagged myself a shiny, sparkly black acrylic tunnel for when I'm feeling the need for a bit of glitz.
Look at my teeny tiny tunnels ^_^

Usually I just wear plain silver/ alloy screw-back tunnels so a splash of colour is something I'm really enjoying and it's great to have the silicone options in while my ears downsize....(that's an odd imagine, eh?) they are really comfy.

Do you have any piercings? Or even tattoos?  I'm so nosey, I love to see what other people have.  You can find tons of other goodies over on the Body Jewellery site at super reasonable prices here.

*Red / Blue / Black
*Post contains items received for review purposes


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  2. They look awesome, and I agree, I like the red against your hair. I have two lobe piercings in my right ear, two in my left and three helix piercings, I want my daith pierced too! I've also got five tattoos and plan on getting more as I love them :) lol, I'm nosey too ;)


  3. Just posting on this to say your hair colour is ace!
    x GNAR MOSH x

  4. I used to have a tunnel too! They look awesome on you!

    Kotryna Bass Blog

  5. I've considered wearing those for a while now but not until the point that my ears are stretched out big. I would love to have a tattoo someday. I just stick with coloring my hair for now as a way of "expressing" myself. lol! I love the black tunnels! I agree they look awesome on you. Great hair color.