Friday Favs #1

Friday Favs

Thorntons Toffee Popcorn

Need I say more?  Like Butterkist but 100 times better.  Yum.  Trying not to eat a whole bag requires serious will power.  Really.

MakeUp Revolution Blush in WOW
Pink as candy !  I'm one of those girls that definitely favours a bright blush over a bronzer any day and this little £1 bargain is my go-to for work when I don't want to use all my good stuff sitting at a desk.  I recently picked up a few of the blush palettes from MUR that I'm loving too but this single pan is easy to carry around in my handbag, although it really doesn't need topping up throughout the day.  For the price tag; it's just wonderful.
The General Election
I've never been one for politics.  This year was my first ever time voting and I'm sorry now that I waited so long.  I'm now a firm believer that politics should be taught in schools from a young age.
As the news breaks today of the results, I do feel a little let down that things didn't quite go as I had hoped but at least I got out there and put my X in the box and apparently I inspired a friend to do so too.  So I feel proud of that.
Herbal Essences Bee Strong Rinse Off Intensive Mask
My hair saviour for the last few months.  I attempted to get rid of my red hair a few months ago and go back to blonde.  Obviously that involved bleach and being rather nasty to my head.  I'm glad to say I just couldn't carry on with the evil process and gave up.  I'm sticking with bright crazy colours and no bleach for the foreseeable future.
This little tub of happiness helps repair the damage I caused in the those foolish months.
Benefit Big Easy Liquid to Powder Foundation
I picked this up in a blog sale recently and I'm loving it.  It's probably a medium coverage and slightly darker than my normal day to day foundation but I've trying my hands with fake tan this week so this shade is working for me.
Although it says "liquid to powder" I still use a sweep of my MAC Studio Fix powder on top to seal the deal.  A lighter alternative that I'm looking forward to using through the summer.  Bonus of added SPF 35 too.
Glitter Jelly Sandals
Who doesn't love dressing like a five year old?! I treated myself to a pair of these clear glitter jelly heels a couple of weeks ago and I've been wearing them around the house like a complete idiot.  Where did the sun go?! I cannot wait to get these on again, they make me feel like a Spice Girl.
I'll also be buying a pair in the minty green opaque shade.  No idea what I'll wear them with but I just have to have them.  LUST.
Curling Tongs
Or the Babyliss Pro-Curl 210 to be precise.  I treated myself to this baby last weekend and I'm in love.  Even though I burnt my hand the first time I tried it, it's perfect for creating beachy style curls on the boob length bits (I'm SO technical here) My hair is now the longest it's been in a years and as the owner of the worlds straightest hair, I'm constantly desperate for a bit of life in my locks.  I already have the Babyliss Curl Secret but I find that better for doing your whole head.  These new curling tongs are perfect for just doing a small section etc.



  1. Congratulations on your first vote! Unfortunate it didn't swing your way though. Down in Australia, its actually compulsory to vote, and you actually get fined if you don't. I'm still 16 so I haven't had my first vote yet, but I'm quite excited for the time to come.

  2. Love your picks, I haven't tried anything you mentioned but they sound amazing!


  3. I have just brought those tongs as well...good taste ;) and the popcorn sounds rather good!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

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