Food | Morblas Seafood & Grill @ Hilton Glasgow

This past weekend my girlfriends and I went on a little city break to Glasgow to see the awesome Wu Tang Clan (oh yes!) and we treated ourselves to a stay in the Hilton, William Street Glasgow.

The hotel was super stunning and I'm sure I'll cover that another day but today is ALL about the food.

We received an optional upgrade of £15.00 per person to have a 3 course meal in their Morblas Seafood & Grill restaurant and since we had plans for later in the evening, it seemed handy to grab dinner in the hotel for £15.00  Bargain.

We most certainly were not expecting much for the price.

We were surprised.

Oh yes, we were surprised.

The Morblas Seafood & Grill has a pretty swanky menu (see here) and I swear I could hear my purse strings wince as I looked at it.  I know for sure that if we didn't have the optional upgrade for dinner then we definitely would not be eating in here before heading out to the gig. 

We received a more restricted menu for our £15.00 compared to the norm offering but with a choice of 5 starters/ 5 mains and 3 desserts we were able to find something we all wanted.

Apparently Morblas is derived from the Gaelic words for "Great" and "Taste".  I think they got that right.

After we received our drinks order the waiter brought us bread with a selection of butters. 

A SELECTION OF BUTTERS?!  What now?!  regular, tomato or truffle.  Mmmmmm.

For starters I went for the chicken liver parfait with homemade oatcakes and raspberry & balsamic jelly.

(Yes, I am one of those people who takes photos of my food).

I can honestly say the oatcakes were absolutely stunning.  I usually associate oatcakes with those hard, dry pre-packed ones you get from the supermarket but these were SO fresh and tasty I wanted them for a main too and I swear there was enough parfait there for at least 2 people.

For mains I went for the Steak (£5 supplement) with fries and peppercorn sauce.
I'm a lover of steak normally anyway but I wasn't prepared for this juicy, lean whack of cow that appeared in front of me.

I had mine cooked medium rather than my usual medium rare as I'd had a delicate tummy earlier in the day - (TMI?!) and it was perfectly pink in the centre.  Just wonderful.

(Oh and hello super cute sauce boat - can I keep you?!)

For dessert I went for a lighter option as I was stuffed and wanted to save myself for jumping around at our gig later in the evening.  I went for the spiced chargrilled pineapple served with mango/ passion fruit sorbet and a watermelon soup.

Granted it wasn't as visually appealing as my first two courses, or as pretty as my friends' mini pavlova's but it was refreshing and light.  A little heavy on the watermelon and light on the pineapple but I really only managed a few bites before I was beat so I wouldn't dwell too much on that.

Overall for £15.00 I was super impressed. 

The service was amazing throughout our whole meal and just added to the whole weekend experience for us.

I'd say the Morblas Seafood & Grill would be perfect for travellers, like ourselves popping in but if you were visiting for a normal meal - not on the £15.00 offer then it could be pricy - it would certainly be somewhere you could go for a special occasion. 

The restaurant itself has beautiful lighting and a really relaxed ambience so I could see myself spending an evening here on a future visit, working my way through their very impressive wine list, like the classy bird I am!

Well done, Morblas and well done, Hilton Glasgow.  We will be back.

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