Fashion | Wishlist Wednesday: George @ ASDA Vintage Styling

Fashion | Wishlist Wednesday: George @ ASDA Vintage Styling

This week I have spent many hours drooling over the George @ ASDA clothing section...well actually, I've been in the home wear sections too but I'll come to that later.
I've pulled together a list of my favourite items to share with you for this weeks' Wishlist Wednesday.

I'm a huge lover of vintage/ rockabilly styling and with the prices in George and the sizing availability being pretty darn amazing, I'm sorely tempted to buy EVERYTHING on this list.
I've already got that stunning wee tassel handbag. It's a total beaut, really.
London Chic Stripe Bardot Top / Gingham Print Leggings / Tassel Cross Body Bag / Polka Dot Bikini Top & Polka Dot Bikini Bottoms / Seaside Dress / Gladiator Block Heel Shoes / Floral Sateen Dress / Strap Detailed Wedges
Have you picked up any bargains in your local supermarket recently?


  1. I really need to think about checking Asda out more often because people always post such lovely stuff and I never think to go there! I LOVE the leggings and the bikini and they do normal sizes too! Got a gorgeous duvet from them the other day too! Great wish list hun - it's making me want to buy things!!

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. Asda has some great stuff!

  3. Great wish list - asda george have some great pieces x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x