Beauty | Blush Addict Tag

Eyelinerflicks Blush Addict Tag,

I'm never normally a "TAG" post kinda person but if there's one thing I love, it's a blush.  So when one of my favourite bloggers Sarah in Wonderland hit publish on her post (here) I just knew I had to get some of that I've been super lazy recently so hey, here's a post!! 
I won't tag anyone at the end of this, 'cos y'know - if you wanna share yours, just go do it .

Hair | Big Hair Don't Care: 3 Steps To Happy Hair

If there's one thing I struggle with, it's fine, limp, lifeless hair...It's like Cheryl is talking to me in that commercial.
For years I've tried all sorts, drying my hair upside down, multiple volume enhancing shampoos and even backcombing to within an inch of my life but recently, as my hair has been getting longer I have been embracing curls.

Beauty | Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask Review

Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask Review

I love a good pamper, I think it's safe to say that it's one of my favourite things.  Retreating to my bathroom with a mountain of products in hand and Youtube on my tablet is one of my happy places, I could disappear for hours.

Beauty | Café De Bain: Sweet Goodness From Superdrug

Cafe De Bain Superdrug Eyelinerflicks

If there was ever a product to cheer you up on a dreary, damp day, I think I could say I've found them!

A few weeks ago, while hiding from a downpour, I spent an abnormally long time in my local Superdrug.  Sure, I usually spend hours in there anyway, don't we all?!  But on this day I decided to pound the aisles with great intent to find some hidden gems.

Beauty | Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation Review

There are few items in my day to day make up bag that I have a real sense of loyalty to.  But the one item that I can categorically  swear I love is my Esteé Lauder Double Wear foundation.  I have been wearing the same foundation for over 12 years.

Yes, I flirt with many different brands - mainly because the £25 + price tag does make me wince each time I need to buy a new bottle every few months.  I've tried many, many high street alternatives but nothing gives me the coverage I like.

Fashion | Wednesday Wishlist: Disney Addict

I won't lie, I'm nearing my 32nd birthday and I'm still a HUGE Disney buff.  I popped into town today with my lovely mother in the hope to nab myself some of the new Disney Vans but alas, my local store didn't have what I wanted.

Et voliá, a new Wednesday wishlist was born.

Lifestyle | My Weekly View #4

Well I am quite possibly the worst person ever to try to start a weekly series.  Over 2 months later, here is what has been going on in my world recently;

As you may have seen mentioned in my most recent restaurant review (here) I had a weekend away with the girls in Glasgow to see Wu Tang Clan and do a bit of shopping.  We stayed in the Hilton, William Street and it was impeccable -  I could not recommend a stay here enough.  We didn't do many touristy things over the weekend as the weather was totally ridic but we had some amazing cocktails, shopped A LOT and ate everything in sight.  Plus the added benefit of duty free on the way home and a MAC counter totally ended the trip off perfectly.

EyelinerFlicks Weekly View Pirate Golf

Recently it was my lovely OHs birthday.  Lucky for me he wanted a tripod for our camera (Obvs I got him a few other bits and bobs but this one made me happy, a gift for us both ) and we went for a lovely family dinner and played some Pirate themed mini golf - how come everything is so much more fun when it's made mini?

It's currently a holiday weekend here in Northern Ireland so Graeme and I have chosen to take a few extra days off together this week.  We aim to get some things done around the house, have some time with our pups and I plan on doing some serious shopping.  Stand by for a haul soon.  Oh yes!

I hope you're all doing well this week.

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Lifestyle | Spotlight on Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Wishlist EyelinerFlicks

I'll always be a bit of an alternative girl at heart.  I'm a complete sucker for anything with a skull on it and my wardrobe just blends into one big mound of various washed out shades of black.

Since we're starting to really style our home now I've spent many hours online, mainly via Debenhams drooling over all the Betty Jackson Black and J by Jasper Conran goodies but the one designer I keep going back to has to be Abigail Ahern.

Lifestyle | Things I've learnt in my 30's

This year I'll be turning the ripe old age of 32. 32! How did that happen?