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Eyelinerflicks Blush Addict Tag,

I'm never normally a "TAG" post kinda person but if there's one thing I love, it's a blush.  So when one of my favourite bloggers Sarah in Wonderland hit publish on her post (here) I just knew I had to get some of that I've been super lazy recently so hey, here's a post!! 
I won't tag anyone at the end of this, 'cos y'know - if you wanna share yours, just go do it .

What colour blush suits you the most?
I'm all about the pinks, I won't lie!  And I don't care how much they make me look like Aunt Sally.  I'm a complete sucker for a bold pink blush

Pressed, cream or loose blush?
Pressed, totally.  I'm not a fan of cream or liquid products.  Yes, it can be said that pressed don't last quite as long but it's all about personal choice.

Favourite shimmery blush?
I'm a fan of the MakeUp Revolution blush palette in Sugar & Spice (see here) - it has two pretty shimmery baked shades stuck on the end there but usually I'd stick to a matt blush.  I find shimmer can take you two ways - teenage glitter explosion OR hey, here's my sparkly old lady face and I'd prefer to stay away from either.

Favourite matte blush?
Illamasqua - Katie.
Eyelinerflicks Blush Addict Tag,

Favourite cream blush?
I'll have to pass on this one, although I have a few I don't like the idea of liquid/ cream blushes sinking into my pores - is that weird?

Favourite drug-store blush?
MakeUp Revolution £1 single powder blush in WOW.  I have the old round style packaging and it's the first MakeUp Revolution item I ever bought and it's my go-to blush for normal everyday make up.  It's a very bright pink matte but I like to tell myself I can get away with the shade because I have very bright hair.  For a £1 product, the staying powder is immense.

Favourite high-end blush?
I'll admit, I don't have a huge amount of high-end blush products, I've found the one for me and I stick with it,  The Illamasqua - Katie: is just the perfect candy pink for my skin tone but I have my eye on a couple of the Clinique Cheek Pops that I may have to invest in soon.

Biggest blush disappointment?
I was talked into buying Benefit's Lolli tint on a recent trip to have my brows done... it was my own fault really as I knew I wasn't keen on liquid blush products but it was applied in store and I liked the effect but after two hours or so I did not like the way it sat on my skin. I tried using it a few times after but it's such a strange product, it has a nail polish brush style applicator and is super runny.  A waste of £24.50

Best blush packaging?
I love the Benefit box packaging such as their Hoola etc but I've never found a shade just right for me in their range.  I own a few of the cheap W7 box blush/ bronzers that are very similar to the Benefit packaging but you can just feel the cheapness with the packaging on those.

What's on your blush wish-list?
Clinique Cheek Pop - Plum Pop and Berry Pop
Illamasqua - Thrust
Mac - DollyMix & Peony Petal
Nars - Exhibit A - this would be a bit of a gamble with my haircolour but I'm tempted
Urban Decay Afterglow - Bittersweet is one I NEED to own and I blame it all on Heather from Porcelain Beauty and her stunning photos.
Benefit - Hervana is a maybe but I'd need to play with it first to test out the combination of shades, I'm not too convinced it'll come out as bright as I like.

Holy grail blush?
Illamasqua - Katie, Seriously - Try it. 

Are you a blush addict? Can you recommend me some new brands to try?

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  1. I bloody love Illamasqua blushers, you need Naked Rose and I need Katie! Loved your choices, you totally need a Clinique Cheek Pop in your life.

    Sarah <3

  2. Oh, you have a lot blushers (: I don't even have a favorite one. Sometimes I also skip blush (;
    Nati xx

  3. Lovely post!

  4. The Clinique Cheek Pop formula is really amazing, you won't regret it if you do pick them up ;) I really like the MUR Vivid Blush Lacquers, but unfortunately I think they're discontinuing them xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty