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If there's one thing I struggle with, it's fine, limp, lifeless hair...It's like Cheryl is talking to me in that commercial.
For years I've tried all sorts, drying my hair upside down, multiple volume enhancing shampoos and even backcombing to within an inch of my life but recently, as my hair has been getting longer I have been embracing curls.
As I mentioned in my recent curl secret review, (here) curls in my hair can take some work but I think I've discovered some little gems to help me along the way.
Recently I have been using these 3 products:
Pantene Pro V Split End Mender Serum
Umberto Giannini Sex Bomb Massive Mousse
John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Styling Spray
All of these are applied to my hair when it's still damp and I cannot recommend these enough if you, like me have sad, limp hair.
Previously when I've used a mousse product on my hair I've found it leaves my hair feeling heavy and almost sticky but the Umberto Giannini Sex Bomb leaves my hair feeling fuller with no residue at all.
The Pantene Pro V Split End Mender Serum really just does what it says in the tin.  Since I've been embracing my curling products I've been keen to protect the ends of my hair and keep it in tip top condition since my last trim.  This serum is really lightweight and not greasy at all which is great of my fine hair.  The pump bottle provides just the right amount of product for my hair too.
The John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Styling Spray is my most recent purchase and I've recently been switching between the mousse and this spray as I love them both.  At the moment this spray is on offer in Boots for £4.00 (usual price £6.99) so I'd urge you to go buy it now!  This lightweight spray has been transforming my flat hair into a full bouffant of salon worthy style.  I use it sparingly as a few too many sprays can cause a slight greasy look in the roots but that can be sorted with a little dry shampoo if you do happen to go overboard.
Have you tried any of these products or do you have any recommendations for other items to help my fine hair?

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    1. I really do. I've tried so many over the years that since I've found these, I've been sticking with them.
      I won't lie, I bought the mousse 'cos I liked the look of the packaging. Well done, U.Giannini, I'm a sucker for pretty things ^_^

  2. Ooo these sound fab, my hair is really heavy and I'm used to a lot of messy volume from when it was short so anything to add some texture and lift would be awesome.
    You got me buying things now, missus!

    Sarah x