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Cafe De Bain Superdrug Eyelinerflicks

If there was ever a product to cheer you up on a dreary, damp day, I think I could say I've found them!

A few weeks ago, while hiding from a downpour, I spent an abnormally long time in my local Superdrug.  Sure, I usually spend hours in there anyway, don't we all?!  But on this day I decided to pound the aisles with great intent to find some hidden gems.

Cafe De Bain Superdrug Eyelinerflicks

Squeezed between the medicated bath products I discovered Café De Bain.  How could I not miss these?  Look at that packaging!!  The super cute pastel shades and vintage style labels just jumped right out at me and screamed buy me, BUY ME NOW!!!

So I did.  I bought the whole range.

With sweet and delicious scents such as Coconut Macaroon and Cherry & Almond Frangipane my bathroom now looks and smells delicious.

Cafe De Bain Superdrug Eyelinerflicks

All products come in both a bath crème and shower gel which I love as I have a separate bathroom and shower room so I can leave a product in each and make them both smell like a sweet bakery... JOY!!!

I cannot stop myself from flipping the lid every time I pop to the bathroom - the scents are just irresistible.  Yes, they are sweet but they are not sickly and the smell does linger softly on the skin.  Personally I don't tend to like strong scents on my skin all day but these products settle well and for a bargain price of £2.99 each what more could you ask for?

The one point I would make is that these super yummy products don't product a hellva lotta bubbles for your bucks.  I've found that I need to use a fairy large dollop of the bath crème to get a good bath-worth of foamy goodness but the smell and the price make up for that.  I really don't mind if one bottle only lasts me six/ eight baths as these are still a mile cheaper than the likes of Lush or Body Shop options. 

Have you tried any products from Café De Bain?  If not, you totally should.

Or have you found any other budget friendly alternatives to the likes of Lush or The Body Shop?

Café De Bain products are available to buy from most Superdrug stores.  Currently on offer for £1.46 each (here).

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