Lifestyle | Things I've learnt in my 30's

This year I'll be turning the ripe old age of 32. 32! How did that happen?
I still convince myself that I could pass for 25. 

Hell, I even carry my drivers licence around with me in the hope that I get asked for ID while buying my middle-aged-lady bottle of red wine.  Srlsy.

I've realised a few things recently that I felt I should share;

1.  Your school friends/ work friends/ parents, actually EVERYONE in your life will constantly check your hand for signs of an engagement ring.

2.  On a rare night out you'll worry about the young 18 years old clubbers.  HOW ARE THEY NOT COLD, MY HANDBAG IS BIGGER THAN HER DRESS!!

3.  You wish you actually did start using eyecream in your early teens, like the ads told you to. Hello Crows Feet.

4.  Moving further from the centre of the city and actually enjoying it.  Managing to park your car outside your own home is surprisingly satisfying.

5.  You start buying sensible clothes rather than that black leather skirt that would look totally awesome with your five inch heels.

6.  You'll consider quitting booze due to the evil, EVIL hangovers.  You may even start planning for your hangover by stocking up on Club Orange and carbs 2 days in advance.

7.  Garden centres on bank holidays - that is actually a thing and you sort of enjoy it too.

8.  That new Michael Kors handbag really isn't that important when you need to buy car/ house/ life insurance, pay your mortgage and LIVE.

9.  Smear tests!!  Let's get it over with ladies, just do it.  It's important that your bits down there are healthy, Mmmkay?!

10.  A night out with your oldest friends needs to be booked 4 months in advance.  And that night out will probably end up being cancelled at least 3 times.

11.  You appreciate your fleece lined PJs more than you could ever imagine.

12.  You cannot WAIT to finish your last pint/ cocktail at 11.30pm so you can get home and into said PJs.

13.  A Saturday home with a pizza, bubble bath and YouTube will make you happier than a pig in poop.

14.  Watching the news becomes a thing, maybe even listening to Radio 4 on the way to work!!

15.  Suddenly all the nick knacks around your bedroom from your younger years need to go away and everything needs to be TIDY.

16.  You'll consider quitting chips and doughnuts purely for health reasons as opposed to waistline woes.

17.  It's tough to come to terms with the fact that the neighbours' kids now call you "Lady".

18.  Facebook becomes a bit of a chore. 

19.  You can no longer convince yourself that the pain in your legs after the gym is "growing pains".

20.  It's perfectly fine to go to bed at 9pm on a Friday ith a cup of tea while your little sister is still getting ready to out on the town.

I'm sure I could go on for another 20 points but I'll save that for another time.

What amusing things have you noticed since the years have passed?


  1. Ha ha! That made me smile. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Ha ha! That made me smile. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Haha I love this. I bloody love a night in, pjs are a way of life. Totally true about arranging months in advance to see friends too, madness.

    Sarah | <3

  4. Tee hee, this made me chuckle - I completely agree. Although I will swap point one - for my belly being checked (and I'm constantly drink watched) as to whether there is a baby in there. Nope, not yet, sorry peeps.

    Those hangovers though. :) x

  5. I'm starting to feel older than my years! I'm 23 but I do EVERYTHING on your list. (including my parents checking my marital status) x