Lush | The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub

LUSH: The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub eyelinerflicks
There are few things in life I love more than a good scrub!!  It's a well documented fact that I over scrub my face, I've been using exfoliating products on my noggin for over 15 years but I always forget to give my body a once over.
Most women would be shocked to hear it but I don't tend to exfoliate my body all that often, I'm not a regular fake tan lover or skimpy outfit wearer so it's a step I miss in my routine more often than not.
But while on a recent trip to LUSH Belfast I was intrigued.  While perusing their new range of summer products I got to play with this body scrub and was instantly sold!
The Rough With The Smooth is a body scrub bar, something that I think I can really get on board with.  I've shyed away from body scrubs in the past as I think they can get mess.  I drop them all over the place and more product would end up down the plug hole than on my body but this body scrub bar is extremely handy.
Made with a mixture of granulated sugar, black pepper oil, vanilla and murumaru butter this little bar of happiness has recently become a favourite in my shower and bathtime routine.
The Rough With The Smooth does exactly what you'd expect with a name like that.  The sugar exfoliates all the evil little bumps away and moisturises the skin to leave you feeling silky soft and smelling like a goddess.
Oh and the scent!!  Let's not forget the scent!  It took me a few moments to figure this one out but I'm sure other LUSH fans would get it right away.  This little bar smells exactly like Lord Of Misrule and it's simply divine.  The scent lasts fairly well on the skin too without being overpowering which really is ideal.
The thing I enjoyed most about The Rough With The Smooth?!  Using it on my pins!  I have been absolutely loving using this product as an aid to shaving my legs.  I've never been a fan of shaving mousse or the likes but I've found using this scrub bar on my legs amazing.  It lathers up a fair bit while exfoliating if you get it wet enough.
But at the same time, get it too wet for too long and you won't have this item for long.  it does get a little squidgy if you leave it in water for too long but I think that's to be expected, it is made of sugar after all.  I keep mine in a small soap dish on a shelf in the bathroom to allow it to dry out between uses.
For the bargain price of £5.95 I think I'll make a point of repurchasing this when the time comes. 
Have you tried this one?  If not, give it a bash and let me know how you like it.
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