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10 Things That Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day eyelinerflicks

There's no denying I struggle with serious mood swings!  I'm sure we all do!  Those days when everything just gets ontop of you or things just don't go your way but I've put together a list of 10 things that make me smile.

1. Listening to your favourite song.  Right now I have the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack and the latest Gojira album in the car and they are curing my road rage woes.

 2. POSTMAN!!  Is there anything better than getting deliveries?  Especially the ones you've forgotten about since ordered or even blogger mail.  YASS!!

3. HUGS!  No matter how shitty your day is, a hug from one of your bestest really is just the greatest thing ever.

4. Bubblebaths.  Gimme all the LUSH goodies, facemasks and candles and get me in there right now.

5. Finding the newest episode of your favourite show or your favourite cheesy movie has been added to NETFLIX and you've just stocked up on Doritos

6. Girls night!  As you get older you tend to see your besties less and less but that night you manage to get together, even if only for a coffee really is The One.

 7. Tea!  As cliché as it sounds I find nothing more relaxing than a good cuppa tea.  In my favourite mug, preferably while on my cosy sofa in my little mermaid PJs.

8. Compliments.  Giving and receiving.  How awesome does it feel receiving a compliment then making someone else's day by giving some too.

9. Celebrate the little things.  Making it through a week in work deserves a glass of cold bubbles in my eyes or a glass of wine with dinner to celebrate getting all the housework done.  It might be simple and alcohol is not the answer to everything but even a wee hot chocolate or something as a reward for working hard at the gym is a little joy in my eyes. ...(even if it does undo all your hard work)

10. Taking some "me time".  This really has got to be my favourite and can include many of the other points mentioned above but taking some time out, alone to relax whether it be listening to music, baths, tea, watching tv etc but I've always been a lover of crafts.  Knocking something up on my sewing machine, altering an old T-shirt into something more appealing or even some decorating at home.  I'm not much of a long walk kinda girl so I prefer to keep myself busy instead.
I hope you find some inspiration to turn your bad day around if you need it and if you have any suggestions, throw them at me :)



  1. Lovely post..and so many posts that are true! Tea, pjs & sofa..count me in.
    Heidi x

  2. Love your tips <3 great post hun
    Nati xx

  3. Good tips, missus. I do love it when the postie comes!

    Btw missed you when I was inside (haha sounds like I was in prison).

    Sarah x

  4. This is a lovely post, basically all of these things make me happy too. When you've forgotten that you've ordered something and you get a surprise package through - best feeling ever!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog