Beauty | Brow's That! by Seventeen

BEAUTY: Brow's That! by Seventeen EyelinerFlicks
BEAUTY: Brow's That! by Seventeen EyelinerFlicks

BEAUTY: Brow's That! by Seventeen EyelinerFlicks

Photo overload!!!
Soz guys, but can we just take a moment to appreciate this offering from amazing budget brand SEVENTEEN?!
I have serious brow issues.  I am naturally blonde but for over 7 years I have been a (bright) redhead and as such I need to darken my brows a bit more than the ashy blonde I was so able to perfect.  And yes, for over 7 years I have been searching for my holy grail solution.
This palette is stunning but right off I can say, it's not my holy grail - it doesn't have a red shade y'see.  But it's bloody close!!
I'm a cheater, I mix a little Illamasqua shadow in Deamon into my brows to add some red to my final look as getting your hands on the perfect red brow product will never be a thing so I have come to realise multiple brow products are the only way I'll get the look I want.
Anyway, I digress (as usual) I picked up this palette from Seventeen on a recent trip to Boots as it was on offer but it's normal price is a mere £5.99 (available here) and the quality is just amazing!
I chose the darker of the two shades available which is a little scary for me, I try to stay away from really dark brows but I need them.  I'm so scared I'll go a bit OTT so in the past I've stuck with brow gels like the Benefit Gimme Brow but that's not so easy on the purse strings, y'know!
So I've been trying to grow a pair and just get into the brow filling trend.
This little palette has helped me along.  Inside we have the perfect kit (minus red but I'll stop complaining now) a wax, powder, highlighter, brush, pencil and INSTRUCTIONS!  Ahh man how I love products that come with instruction guides, they really do fill me with glee.
BEAUTY: Brow's That! by Seventeen EyelinerFlicks
I start off my filling in my shapeless blonde hairy face slugs with the cutest little pencil I've ever seen.  Then use the Barbie sized brush to add a little wax before applying the setting powder. 
I'm new to using highlighter on my brow bone but I'm getting there.  I worry that I add too much and look like my eyeshadow has gone on a trip but I'll keep on it I'm sure.
The one thing I enjoy about this product, although I'm sure the likes of Benefit's Brow Zings has the same bonus - since I'm using a wax on my brows it means if I accidentally add a little too much of the setting powder I'm able to correct it easy using a cotton bud.
Who am I kidding - the one thing I love about this product is the price.  Seriously £5.99!
Have you tried it?  You should.  Or do you have any other recommendations to throw at me?


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  1. I'm an avid Anastasia Beverly Hills brow product user and sometimes Benefit Gimme Brow on a day when I can't be bothered.

    Sarah | <3