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That's right, it's another hair product post!
Since I've been growing my hair longer recently I've been trialling lots of new shampoos, thickening products, lotions and serums - you can read my most recent hair care post here.
Back in January during the Boots 70% off sale I picked up a few hair care gift sets - one being a Toni & Guy set down from £26.00 to £7.80  Oh yes!  Of course I intended to gift these but many of my friends have set haircare routines so I thought it only fit to try them out myself.
These items are also available individually from Boots and I've repurchased them at least twice since testing them out as I've fallen in love. 
EyelinerFlicks Tony and Guy shampoo HappyHair

Toni & Guy Shampoo & Conditioner for Normal Hair
Normally I would go for products designed specifically for coloured hair but since I had these at home I gave them a go and they really did surprise me. 
I find the shampoo gives a really deep cleanse and removes build up but doesn't remove my bright red hair colour as much as some products I've tried in the past.
I wash my hair every two days and use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash so I'm always conscious of dry shampoo build up (ew) so I want a shampoo that makes me feel confidentially clean.
The conditioner is pleasant.  I don't tend to have too much of a preference with conditioner but I have enjoyed using this one.  It's quite a thin consistency but a little does go a long way.
These products have the added bonus of fresh salon scent and I think it's the smell that's had me repurchasing.
Toni & Guy Rough Texturiser Spray
As I've mentioned before, I have flat, limp hair so I've been trying out a few products to give it a bit of oomph and this is become a firm favourite for days when I don't have time to curl my hair so do much in the way of styling.
Basically you spray it on dry hair, give it a moment then swish and your hair around a bit or work it through with your fingers and it gives a great lift in the roots and a bit of messy, volume.  I would imagine if you were going for a messy long bob this product would be ideal but for me I'm just loving having an extra bit of body in my superflat locks.
Boots regularly have Toni & Guy products on offer and at the moment they are 1/3 off so if you fancy giving them a go, I'd recommend popping in and grabbing a few items now.
Have you tried any Toni & Guy haircare?


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