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LUSH Bubbleroon Yuzu and cocoa 
It's no secret that I'm a HUGE bubblebath fan.  It's my "me time" my time away from it all and I am forever searching for great products to make that time all the more enjoyable.

On my most recent trip to LUSH I picked up a few new goodies including this Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroom which apparently has been reformulated recently.  To be honest I'd never seen this item before and thought it was part of the new range but y'know, Ssssh, let's just pretend I knew that already!
As I mentioned in my previous review of Phoenix Rising (here ) RIP, sob:  I don't scrimp when it comes to bath goodies.  I know some people think throwing a huge bath-bomb in the tub each time you bathe can be an expensive habit but it's one of my few vices in life so I don't mind spending a little extra in LUSH now and then as a treat for me.
But this little bubbleroon, as you can see is specially designed so it can be split in two.  Since this one is a not so much a bath-bomb I would be more inclined to save half and use it between two pamper nights.  I hate the thoughts of saving half a used up soggy bath-bomb in a tin somewhere in my bathroom y'see and this is a bit different.
When I chose this item in store I totally didn't get the cocoa smell.  I thought it was slightly mango'y and I think the eye-catching bright yellow went to my brain and got me all confused - I had sniffed a lot of yummy goodies that day; but once I had this item home, the citrus and cocoa scent really came into it's own in my bathroom.
As this was my first ever bubbleroon I was a little unsure how much I would enjoy using it.  I don't tend to crumble my products - I throw them in the water and watch for pretty colours but this bubbleroon didn't disappoint.  I used half (proud of myself here) crumbled under the running water and watched as it turned my evening bath into a beautiful golden yellow bubble mountain and I just couldn't wait to climb in.
Once settled, the bubbles made my skin feel silky soft and I could really smell the cocoa and citrus - it made me think of chocolate orange.  Usually I steer clear from chocolate scents but this has been surprising and long-lasting on the skin.
For £3.65 and at least two baths from this product I have been well impressed and will be sure to repurchase this item.
Well done, LUSH.

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  1. This looks gorgeous, I'm going to have to pick one up next time I'm in LUSH. I'm the same, I spend so much on bath goodies but no regrets at all! My favourite Lush product is the Fizzbanger, I'd recommend that if you havent tried it yet.

    Amy | Blonde Amy x

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  3. Weren't these the ones that looked a little like a bum before? I think they've just made them less bottom like! It looks a bit more like a biscuit now x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty