Fashion | Autumn 2015 Wishlist

New Look Autumn 2015 Wishlist

I'm not going to lie, I try to like summer but deep, deep down I'm totally an autumn girl at heart.  There is nothing I love more than trundling through piles of crisp leaves to get home into cosy PJs and eat some pies drink tea.
I love, love, love it!
Bring on all the plum and berry lipsticks, fur-lined boots and fluffy cardis!
This week I have found myself lusting after ALOT of things, and surprisingly (for me) New Look are coming up trumps with their new range.  I cannot remember the last time I purchased anything in New Look but I know I will be popping to store ASAP to buy at least a few of these goodies.
September is my birthday month so I just know I'll spend the majority of it daydreaming over every website and every pretty thing imaginable.
Have you had your eyes on any new autumn wears yet? 


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