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Apparently 23rd September marks the official start to Autumn.  Or Fall, if you're from further afield.
And I cannot contain my joy! 
Well for one thing, with pretty leaves and cosy knits comes MY BIRTHDAY!!!  But more on that later, I'm sure.
I know it's total blogger cliché to share all the amazing things about Autumn but hell, get me on that bandwagon 'cos here we go;
Autumn is my fashion jam!  I'm not a fashion blogger, by no means but make way for some serious autumn fashion wishlists, hauls and maybe even SHOCK HORROR an OOTD post.  I cannot resist big boots, cosy scarves, fluffy socks (see, total fashion icon here) and all the berry tones, jeans and coats.  Recently I have been LOVING New Look and that's something new for me.  I've not bought from New Look in a good few years but they have really upped their game and dropped their prices. so I'd totally recommend you check them out.
Now this is where the sleek white blogger homes go right out the window for me.  Gimme all the candles, Halloween décor, stag accessories and giant mugs. 
Since we bought our home last year I've been lusting over a new fireplace (when did I become such a grown up?) I really miss our old open fire right now, a fake flame effect gas fire just doesn't cut it on the nights when I just want to curl up on the sofa but we'll sort that in time, I'm sure.  Right now I'll just hang fairy lights everywhere and enjoy a dimly lit room and wait for pumpkin carving time.
If there is one thing I love most about this time of year it really has to be Halloween.  Sadly I work in a bar at weekends and see the not quite so nice side of things but I love everything else that goes along with Halloween.  I love creating a costume from scratch, (none of that buying premade here!) and filling my home with goodies for the neighbourhood children.  Last year I went to work dressed as Medusa and managed to catch my giant hair on EVERYTHING!
Queen of the resting bitch face here, y'know.

Oh yes, this is the time of year I can break out my favourite dark Illamasqua lipsticks (top 5 here) and embrace my inner goth without being judged as much as I am in the summertime.  I've always preferred a darker lip to a nude but as I've gotten older I've realised it can be a bit in your face for work in the summer so now I'm off to Debenhams to buy all the pretty colours.

Let's just ignore the fact I'm currently on a mission to eat a bit healthier right now and focus on all the comfort food I can squish into my face!!
Stews and soups and hot chocolate, OH MY!
I know it's the blogger in-thing to be obsessed with pumpkin spiced lattés, sadly I am not!  I do enjoy a good seasonal Starbucks, and appreciate their pretty take away cups like anyone else but I've never been sold on the PSL flavour so I'll take all the rest instead.  YESUM!
Also; Candy Apples.  Just saying.
Is there anything more beautiful than the colour of autumn leaves?  How about the little visitors that pop into the garden?  I live on the outskirts of the City, near a greenway and I get lots of robins, squirrels and hedgehogs visiting in the later part of the year and I just adore it.
Also crisp cold mornings?  YES!!  As much as I will complain about being chilli, I just love getting all wrapped up, seeing my own breathe(ha!) and thinking about Christmas.
Are you like me, do you love a bit of Autumn?  Or are you a summertime Suzie?

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  1. I prefer Spring & Summer but Autumn definitely has its perks too! Love the colours & cosy clothes xx


  2. I'm totally an A/W baby. I love Autumn, once the leaves begin to fall and the nights get dark, I'm happy. That resting bitch face is incredible lol. I love dark lips and knits too, it's all just perfect.

    Sarah x

  3. You've perfectly summed up everything I love about Autumn. P.S. your Halloween look is awesome, that hair! <3 xx

  4. Great post! I get SAD in A/W but I love everything else about this time of year, especially the pretty coloured leaves. xx

    1. I hope you don't get it too bad this year, Leah. I suffer with it in winter/ springtime but I've been trying to focus more of the exciting things :)
      I really do love the colours, my drive to work is so pretty these last few weeks, I feel almost happy at 8am :p
      Gillian xx