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My Top Five : The Body Shop EyelinerFlicks

I've found myself rediscovering brands recently that I had forgotten about for a good few years and lately I have refound my love for The Body Shop.

I'm currently testing out a few of their newer products but I have 5 items I can firmly say are my favourites right now;
First up has to be my favourite!  I've used many primer products over the years and the only eye primer I enjoyed before was the Urban Decay primer potion but I rarely wear eyeshadow so I think that product is a little lost on me.  This Instablur is designed to not only prepare your eyes for long lasting make up application but it also smoothes everything out, all those little lines and wrinkles I have sneaking up on me AND it reduces redness and imprefections around the eye area.  It's a rare day that I go without make up but this product has helped me feel more confident as it smoothes and conceals my dark circles.

Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne 
I out off buying this product for so long!  I won't lie, I'm a complete cheapskate with frangrances these days as I have a terrible habit of buying huge bottles then deciding a week later that I don't really like them.   So I  was waiting for the Fuji Green Tea range to become part of the standard Body Shop range, y'know, the ones you can buy on offers but I waited so long I just gave in and took the plunge.  And I'm so glad I did.  The scent is SO clean and fresh, settles well on my skin and lasts ALL day.  I've had some many people comment on it when I wear it that I'm hoping I'll be able to carry off wearing it a bit further into the autumn months.  It certainly is more of a spring/ summer scent but I'm not ready to put it to the back of my shelf just yet.

Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz
This is a bit of a strange choice for me but I picked this up in a blog sale and have completely fallen in love with it.  I work in an office, it is TERRIBLE on my skin and I've been carrying this little bottle of happiness in my handbag the past few weeks and spritzing (I love the word, spritzing HA) my face a few times throughout the day to inject a bit of zing back into my dull complexion.  It can be used to set your make up but I find it can be a little watery for that so I just use ONE spritz as a refresher during the day.  We've not had much of a summer this year in the UK but I could imagine this would be a godsend during the warmer months or while travelling.  Highly recommended.
Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask 
Hello, Sailor!!  I am a HUGE fan of facemasks, there are few things I love more than a good pamper night, PJs on, facemask setting and a trashy mag in hand and this cleansing scrub mask has become a favourite of mine.  I enjoy using thick clay style masks that help give a deep cleanse and assisit with blemish issues and so this one ticks all my boxes.  I have been using this mask twice a week for the last three weeks and once removed, it leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth and taught (in a good way) and I notice a lot less oil on my T-zone for the next few days.

Seaweed Night Treatment
I'm now on my second tube of this, not because it doesn't last, it really does.  I have used this night treatment on and off now for a good few years but I had forgotten just how good it was.  I have a good few products like this, one being the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Treatment (post here) but this Body Shop option is just far more easy on the purse-strings really.  
I don't use this treatment on the evenings after the Blue corn mask mentioned above but I use it every other evening.  It helps rehydrate my dry areas and balance that pesky T-zone of mine.  It sinks into my skin super quick and doesn't leave any sort of sticky residue you would expect with a gel formula.

At the moment I'm also testing out the new Vitamin C moisturiser which is really lovely, refreshing and softening.  As much as I'm loving it, it doesn't get into my top 5 list as I'm not seeing a huge impact or improvement with it just yet.  

Have you tried any of these products?  Or have you tried the moisturiser?  Tell me your thoughts.

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