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OK, So this week has been pretty damn awesome and I figured what better way to catch up with everyone than to do a bit of a catch up post.


This week was my birthday - oh yes!  I'm getting on a bit!!  I was spoilt to bits by friends and family, had a lovely few days off work with my man and the girls in work treated my to a giant CAKE!!  I feel so blessed.

This weekend saw the 2nd birthday of a local burlesque night - Belfast Tease-O-Rama and a few friends and I popped along again for a night of bubbles, giggles and cupcakes.  If you're a Belfast local I'd highly recommend you check out their Facebook for up and coming events - I believe the next is Belfast Burlesque Festival at the end of November and the events really are worth a look.

What a wonderful name, eh?  On Sunday past I trotted along to the first meeting of FAT SABBATH - a Plus Size Body Positive Clothes Swap event for ladies of a size 16+ and I had such a wonderful time.
Not only did the event help raise funds for charity, it gave us all a chance to clear out our cupboards (and believe me, I did and it's wonderful) but it also gave us an opportunity to pick up some new pre-loved items and pass on those things that were hiding in the corners of the drawers for far too long to someone who could appreciate them.  Again if you're a local to Belfast I'd recommend giving them a "like" on Facebook and watching out for the next event, which I imagine will be in a few months time.  I know I've already put a few things aside for my next visit.

I received word this week that TIGER will be opening soon in Belfast and I'm SO excited.  For YEARS I've watched hauls on YouTube and dreamt of lovely unnecessary homewears and the time is almost upon us.  I'm seriously considering taking the day off work for the opening. Sad but EXCITING!!  Gimme all the stuff!!!

Oh god, I'm one of those!  Those folk that talk about the gym!!  But my new gym opened this week, I joined months ago now and the doors finally opened (on my birthday too)  It's amazing how much I missed going to silly classes and the endorphins etc.  I cancelled my old membership when I was saving to buy my home and for the last year I've just eaten ALL THE FOOD.  I'm super pumped to get back into shape.  And by that I don't mean I want to loose lots of weight, I just want to be able to keep eating pies and cake but more a bit move, y'know!?

So that's a little taster of my life lately.  What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great day :)! Tiger is a great shop, I love browsing through there x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Happy birthday! The burlesque evening sounds fab!

    Sarah xx