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LUSH HAUL Eyelinerflicks Oct 2015

It's no secret that I love a LUSH bathtime treat, I've mentioned it many times already so this week when I was in the City at a training course for work, I made sure to take some time on my lunch break to have a quick trip into LUSH Belfast and pick up some treats.

I just couldn't help myself, since the new Halloween & Christmas ranges have arrived I was smitten.  I wanted EVERYTHING!!  But since I was short on time, I had to make some super quick decisions.
LUSH HAUL Eyelinerflicks Oct 2015 Maypole Soap

First up is MAYPOLE - now this really was a silly purchase for me as I don't use soap!  I'll come right out and confess that I bought this purely on the scent alone.
A few years ago I was completely obsessed by the Peppermint Stick Shower/ Bath Gel by Philosophy but that stuff is now near impossible to find, especially at a reasonable price so MAYPOLE is the closest scent I have found to that.  It has the most delicious sweet peppermint fragrance and I just know that I'll be sniffing this all week like a lunitic. 

LUSH HAUL Eyelinerflicks Oct 2015 GREEN BUBBLEROON

Would you just look at that colour?!  This is GREEN!  No, really...this product is called GREEN.  I love these Bubbleroon style bubble bars they are so cute.  I recently picked up the Yuzu and Cocoa version of this bubbleroon (review here) and I really enjoyed using it.  When I discovered the GREEN version in store it was love at first sniff!
This little beauty smells like a Springtime meadow - usually it's not the sort of scent I would choose but I'm not too sure if it's change in seasons that's got me all off-kilt but I just know I'll enjoy using this one on a lazy Sunday morning.

LUSH HAUL Eyelinerflicks Oct 2015 The Experamintor Bath Bomb

No really, y'all did!!  Ever since I saw those lovely Oxford Street hauls popping up on the newsfeed I have been dying to get my hands on THE EXPERIMENTER Bath Bomb !
I want all the rainbow baths and sweet vanilla scented limbs now!  
I'll be using this one first!
LUSH HAUL Eyelinerflicks Oct 2015 The Rough With The Smooth Exfoliator

One of the reasons I actually called in LUSH today was to pick up another one of these THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH Exfoliating Bars.  I bought one a few months ago and it's become a firm favourite.  I did a full review here but all I will say is this is AMAZING for shaving your legs.
LUSH HAUL Eyelinerflicks Oct 2015 Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Last but not least, when I mentioned to one of the shop assistants that I loved the Maypole soap and was on the search for some mint'y products - I was recommended INTERGALACTIC Bath Bomb.  It's certainly got a whack of peppermint in there but it's not as sweet as MAYPOLE on first sniff.  I imagine when it hits the tub it will fill the room though, I doubt I'm going to be dissapointed.  Colour wise, I think this bomb will give a similar effect as that of The Experimentor.  I'm excited to try it soon.
Have you tried any of my October picks?

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  1. WOW! These are sooo pretty. I love the Maypole, it looks insane! Intergalatic is just so pretty too. You must post pics of what they look like when you use them! I've actually got 2 bathrooms I need to use, I'm also super tempted to buy their halloween ones cos they look awesome xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. Nice product! I love lush♥♥

  3. I haven't tried any of these yet, but I do love LUSH. The Comforter is my all time favorite.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Intergalactic is so nice, it smells amazing and leaves your bath so colourful.

  5. love this the colours so appealing I want them all xo