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It's no secret that I'm a bit of a lazy sod when it comes to doing my everyday make up, I like those extra ten minutes under my duvet in the mornings y'see, especially since it's so dark in the mornings these days too.   
There's a few items I never leave the house without applying; foundation (double wear, naturally) concealer, mascara ('cos my lashes are pure blonde, damnit) and my trusty thick black eyeliner - 'cos y'know, I've never grown out of my goth/ emo phase, it seems.
There's always been that one item I've let slide from my everyday routine that I wish I didn't- eyeshadow.  Heck, even for nights out I tend to steer clear from eyeshadow.  I've just never managed to get to grips with the stuff and I'm terrified I'll make a terrible mess. 
Recently I've had a new addition to my make up collection; the SEVENTEEN Easy on the Eye Palette * so I've been testing out a few quick and simple looks that I think I can get away with squeezing into my daily routine - without sacrificing any duvet burrito time in the mornings.
I think the shade selection in this palette is quite unusual to the norm - it's not full on smokey or another dupe of the well known nude palettes that most brands seem to be doing these days.  This palette stocks some shades that really stand out.  Something a little bit different, a bit more interesting.
For £7.99 I think SEVENTEEN may have almost nailed it.  I'm so over paying £10.00 for a single shadow that I may or may not use after two days and throw in the back of my make up drawer. 
This palette contains eight matte, shimmer and pearl powders, three metallic creams, an eye primer (YAY) a double ended fluffy brush applicator and  bloody good sized mirror - oh how I love when palettes have a good mirror!
If you've ever read my posts on the previous SEVENTEEN products I tested out - the Brow's That Kit and the Define & Conquer Contour Kit you'll know I am a huge fan of the little how-to guides SEVENTEEN include with their products and this one is certainly no different - I need all the guidance I can get when it comes to where to place which shade etc so I was very happy to see this little "get the look" guide when I first tried this one.
So far I've been impressed with the staying power of the matte formulas, I have oily eyelids (TMI?) and usually when I'm in the office my make up doesn't last the day but these shadows are holding their own so far, I do however find them a bit tough to apply, they are slightly dry but at the same time, with my eyelids perhaps that's a good thing? 

I'm still a little unsure of the metallic creams but I think this is a palette that I'll have to work with for a bit longer and try to perfect the basic looks first.
I guess my next step is going for a full "out out" night-time look to test out how they do with a night of sweaty dancing and Prosecco face flushes.  Only time will tell...

SEVENTEEN products are available exclusively from Boots, both online & in store and can usually be found on offer too - so I'd highly recommend checking them out for bargain beauty goodies.
This item is currently out of stock online but I think that just proves how popular it must be.  It is however in stock in my local store at the moment so if you fancy trying it soon, try popping along to your local Boots branch and giving it a swatch, I'd love to know what you think.
Have you tried any of the SEVENTEEN palettes? 
Are you a high-end shadow lover or like me, have you been converted to purse-friendly items? 

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  1. Haha! I have oily lid too!!! I must admit I've never tried anything from Seventeen before, I don't think I could get on with the metallic creams but if this palette had more neutral or brown tones I'd definitely try it out!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  2. i looove the little how to cards, so handy!! X