A Very Disney Christmas Wishlist

I started my Christmas shopping very early this year and I think I'm actually almost sorted...I know, I know, I'm sure you all HATE me for saying that but I have NEVER been this organised before. 

So I've spent the last few days pulling together bits and bobs I think I may have to treat myself to now - y'know as a reward for all my hard work, of course.

I may be in my thirties but I'll always be young at heart.  I don't think I'll ever not be a Disney fanatic.

So I've been lusting after this LumiĆ©re Figure for months now, only to discover it's now available online - YAS!!!!  The Harry Potter Marauder's Map Umbrella is something a little quirky and different from the norm and I just love it.  Not only is this Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum Mug -  ADORABLE but it would match my kitchen dresser theme perfectly, I need it, NOW!  And I don't think any self respecting Disney/ Beauty addict will rest until that Wet N Wild Villains Lipstick in Majestic is in their handbag.  Perfect red too.  Alice in Wonderland is one of my oldest favourites and when I clapped eyes on these Wizard of Oz Nesting Dolls I just couldn't help but add them to my wish list, they are beautiful.

Star Wars Adjustable Rings - come on, how can I not want these?!!  I've spent many hours drooling over the Marc Jacobs Disney collection and my favourites have to be the Marc Jacobs Garden Flower Coin Purse and the Marc Jacobs Alice in Wonderland Door Knob Phone Case I need this phone case for my Samsung, I need it bad!!  These Chip N Dale Ladies Socks are currently out of stock online but I am hunting them down, they WILL be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.

Ever spend hours scrolling through the pages of Hot Topic?  I do!  And the Alice in Wonderland Silhouette Dress , Alice in Wonderland Cardigan and Baymax Dress and top of my Christmas list.  It's rare I find things on Hot Topic that I would think would suit my shape but these 3 do.  Especially that cardigan, it's very subtle Disney with a vintage style mix and I just love it.  Last up is the BooHoo Chillin Like A Villain Shirt - just 'cos it's awesome.

Have you got your Christmas wish list sorted?



  1. I am loving that Minnie Mouse mug! so cute !!


  2. That phone case!!! I swear I'd buy all the things with Maleficent on, she's my idol lol - I love a baddie.
    I'm doing my Christmas list very soon.

    Sarah | sarahinwonderland.co.uk <3

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  4. I NEED that Lumiere figure. Its soo amazing. Also that chillin lika a villain top needs to be in my life.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  5. That Alice in Wonderland dress is amazing :D

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid