Lifestyle | Wednesday Wishlist - Wilko Winter Range

I'm not even going to apologise for this.  I'm already planning the "big day". 
No, I don't mean a wedding, CHRISTMAS, of course!
I'm a complete child at heart, I've never grown out of the magic and atmosphere of this time of year.  I think there are few things better in life than getting the home ready for the Christmas season, stocking up on all the foodie goodies and spending hours wrapping gifts just the way you want them.
I am a complete sucker for Christmas.
And as such, I've spent HOURS recently pouring over multiple websites, drooling over their winter ranges and one site stood out for me.
Not just for range but for value too, Wilko are killing it this season and I love it.
I just wish, wish, wish we had some stores here in Northern Ireland that I could go lose hours in. 
I've already placed one order online and I'm trying my best to resist placing another this week but here's my top picks of the new Wilko winter range.

Wilko Natures Standing Deer £6.00 / Wilko Industrial Star Wreath £10.00 / Wilko Stag Lantern £6.00 / Wilko Tartan Throw £15.00 / Wilko Wish Bauble £1.50 / Wilko Hedgehog Doorstop £8.00 / Wilko Sparkle Gold Bowl £2.00 / Wilko Red Reindeer Cushion £5.00 / Wilko Christmas Countdown perpetual Calendar £7.00  / Wilko Silver Sitting Stag £6.00 / Wilko Bamboo Basket Medium £2.50. (links removed as products go out of stock)

Are you a Christmas nut like me?  Or are you wishing I'd shut up until December? 

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  1. I'm a Christmas nut too. There truly is nothing better than the build up to Christmas. Although when I worked in retail I wasn't a fan as the Christmas songs playing repeatedly does grate after a while.

    These are all lovely festive pieces, totally my style. I prefer rustic style Christmas pieces over tacky OTT items anyday. Luckily I have several Wilko's near me so I may have to pop in and have a good rummage! xx

  2. That tartan throw looks so snuggly! Love it! xx


  3. I'm such a massive kid too, I get even more excited now because of my nephew! I haven't been in Wilkos in ages, why do you always make me want to spend money, woman?

    Sarah | <3