Beauty | December Product Empties & Quick Reviews

I'm on a mission these days to try and clear out my stash a bit, y'know, to make way for the new items I received at Christmas and possibly a few new sale items too.  I have SO many half full items on my shelves that I need to learn to either dump, finish or give to my mother.  My bathroom cabinet is overflowing (oooops)

Lifestyle | What I Got For Christmas 2015

In great blogger tradition I thought I should share with you what I received for Christmas this year.  It's only polite, really, ain't it?!  I mean, we're all here to nosey at each others bits and bobs, so Christmas really is just the perfect time to share.
Of course, this post is purely for those, like myself that are super nosey and perhaps are looking for tips for things to pick up in the sales rather than this being a boosty "look at all my stuff" post.
Usually at Christmas my two best friends and I got a little OTT on each other but this year we decided to book a trip to Barcelona instead of buying gifts, so I'm super excited about that.  The items I received in these photos came from my other half, both sides of family, work colleagues and I was also involved in three secret santas this year.

What I got for Christmas 2015

My Perfect Christmas Eve Routine


It's true, it's true!  I am a complete Christmas nut!!

Well, I'm not mental, mental but I do ADORE this time of year.  The scents, the smiles - everything is just magical!

Beauty | Festive Nails - My Top Five

What's the easiest way to add a bit of bling to your outfit this time of year?  NAILS!!!

Now I'm no manicurist, I'm a messy girl - every time I paint my stumpy little broken nails I ruin them within 10 minutes but still, I love a good quality glitzy polish around Christmas time.

Lifestyle | Stocking Fillers Below £10.00: New Look Edition

Everyone loves a little Stocking Filler - right?
I've been picking up a few extra bits and bobs recently for friends and I seem to have fallen in love with New Look again - have you seen some of the things they have this season?  WOW.
Here's my top picks of their Stocking Fillers all £10.00 or less - BARGAIN!

I'm ALL over that middle row- YES!

Beauty | Must Haves For Christmas 2015

So I've spent far too long pouring over gift guide after gift guide - dreaming of the pretty things that I might be lucky enough to find hiding under my Christmas tree this year.
It's been a tough job to narrow down my choices but here lays my beauty wishlist for Christmas 2015.
Christmas Beauty Must Haves

Beauty | Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Review


I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with primers. I love to buy them - my skin HATES them!

At £26.50 this Clarins product was a bit of a punt for me. I tested it at an event and loved the effect it had on my hand so jumped in feet first and bought myself TWO tubs as there was a GWP offer on (who doesn't love GWPs?!).

Lifestyle | The Best Christmas Movies Ever?!

Ho Ho Ho!!!  I currently feel like a giant ball of festive cheer!! 
I'm a HUGE fan of Christmas, I've been prepping ALL year and it's almost, ALMOST time to get the fluffy PJs on and fill my face with mince pies!!
There is nothing I love more at this time of year than watching ALL the Christmas TV specials, tacky straight to TV movies and getting all cosy on the sofa.  Sheer bliss!!
I've pulled together a list of my favourite Christmas movies - the ones I may or may not have been watching for the last two months - but the ones I'll just never get bored of.
The all time favourites!


Beauty | Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review

A few months ago I had a "beauty bloggers made me buy it" moment and indulged myself with a visit to my local Kiehls store in Belfast City Centre.
On the day I had a full skincare assessment (post here) and decided to treat myself to a few items but the one thing I KNEW that I wanted to buy on the day was the Midnight Recovery Concentrate as I've seen so many bloggers rave about it.