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I'm on a mission these days to try and clear out my stash a bit, y'know, to make way for the new items I received at Christmas and possibly a few new sale items too.  I have SO many half full items on my shelves that I need to learn to either dump, finish or give to my mother.  My bathroom cabinet is overflowing (oooops)

So without further ado, my December empties...

Clarins One Step Exfoliating Cleanser
Back in Sept during the House of Fraser #BeautyConfidential event (post here) I picked up a few bits and bobs and got a lovely GWP from Clarins.  Now Clarins are a brand I've never really tested out, but after using this 50ml deluxe sample of the Clarins One Step Exfoliating Cleanser, I think I might be hooked!
It's a gel based exfoliator and I ADORE it!  For years I used the St Ives Apricot Cleanser for blemish prone skin but I think it's actually been harsh for me.  This 50ml sample lasted me a whole month, using it twice a day as you only need the tiniest amount.  As much as I didn't want to like it, as I knew it would turn out to be an expensive habit - I just can't deny the results.
My skin felt amazingly soft, I felt refreshed and the scent is just perfect.
The verdict: I raved about this SO much in work, one of my colleagues bought me 6 samples for secret santa and it's on my to-buy list.  LOVE IT!

Palmers Cocoa Body Scrub
This is one I struggled to finish but forced myself to.  I wasn't a fan of the smell at all, to be honest I don't quite know why I bought it as I don't really go for chocolate'y things.  I really did enjoy the exfoliating particles in this product but the scent just ruined it for me.
The verdict:  Not for me but if you're a fan of cocoa, give it a go.

Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisture Gel - The Body Shop
Sadly my lid for this tub broke into a thousand pieces when I bought it so I made it my mission to use this moisture gel everyday until I'd finished it.  Something that I am very bad at.  Aimed at dull and grumpy skin I had high hopes for this one and I was especially excited for the gel formula as it sinks into the skin SO quickly.  The scent was very orange'y as you'd expect but even though I'm usually very opposed to strong scented facial products, I didn't mind this one at all.  I enjoyed using this one but I don't think it improved my dull skin much at all.
The verdict: I loved the texture & didn't mind the scent, a decent moisture gel but I think wait until it's in the sale in future before buying it again. 

Sure Maximum Protection - Roll On Deodorant
Short but sweet - unlike me, eh?!  I like a good deodorant that doesn't smell of much (that's what perfume is for) and this does the job!  It's pricey - usually £5 a pop but I work long hours and go to the gym (once a month ssshhh) so I need something that keeps my underarms happy & fresh.  This stuff is the ticket!  I tend to stock up when its on offer - ASDA had it on for £3 a while ago so I bought loads.
The verdict: Stock up when it's on offer, it's bloody great.

Naobay -  Moisturising Peel
This was included in a Glossy Box months ago and I can't help but be disappointed.  It's not a peel at all - it's a very gentle exfoliator.  It's the first Naobay product I've tried but it's not put me off trying anything else.  I was just a little disappointed with it.  I just felt like it didn't do much at all.
The verdict: Pass  

I Love.....Mango & Papaya Bath & Shower Crème
I'm a fan of the "I love..." products, they are cheap and cheerful, last forever and the packaging is quite pretty.  I'm easy pleased really.
I tend to use this more as a bubble bath as I don't find it very moisturising as a shower gel.  The scent is very summery and invigorating and it's not too sweet which is great!  However as we move into winter I tend to move more towards more moisturising products - since I'm TERRIBLE at using body creams, I gotta get me some moisture from somewhere.
I enjoyed using this but I'm not heartbroken the bottle is empty & I've not repurchased.
The verdict: Will probably repurchase in the springtime.

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Wash
Now I was a bit late to the party with this one.  I think the Orangeasm range was initially launched around the same time as the 2014 Christmas gift range.  I actually have this bottle left over from a Christmas gift I bought in the sale in Jan 2015.  I'm usually a Sugar Crush gal when it comes to Soap & Glory but who was I to refuse a January sale bargain Soap & Glory set, especially when it came with the body spray too. 
But I will admit I don't think I'd bother buying this one again - don't get me wrong it's pleasant enough but if I'm buying Soap & Glory, I'm staying with Sugar Crush or even Clean, Girls.  This product lathers up well and has a nice scent but I don't think it lasts at all.
The verdict: Wouldn't repurchase.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser
Now, before you shout at me for this one - hear me out!!  I don't use this on my face!  Now that sounds dodgy!!  I used to use this when I was younger all over my poor acne prone skin but I realised it's just too harsh - what I did discover, however is that it is AMAZING for removing hairdye from my ears, neck, shoulders etc.  I use La Riche Directions to colour my hair and it stains everything - this stuff kicks it's butt!!  So imagine how harsh it is on spots - eeek!
The verdict: Removes hairdye from everything just don't put it all over your face, eh?
Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser
I mentioned this product a good few months ago in my Lazy Girl post (here) and this is probably my third bottle since then.  I love this stuff as I am, as I already said - terrible at using moisturiser and this does exactly what it says on the in - spray and go.  The formula absorbs in an instant and it has a really light scent.
The verdict: On my shopping list already

Café De Bain - Softening Shower Créme Raspberry & Rose Créme Tart
Remember that time I bought the whole Café De Bain range? (here) Well this is one of my favourites from the range.  It's super cheap, very pretty packaging and sweet as hell!  It's a bit of a runny consistency but grand if you use a shower puff.
The verdict: I'd certainly buy it again when it's on offer

Insette Firm Hold Hairspray
The essential item for anyone with a fringe.  Period.
The verdict: Does the job, £1 a go and lasts MONTHS

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Blush
Another hair & lazy girl essential!  As I've said many times before, Batiste is one of the few dry shampoos I like, it prolongs my hairdye as it means I can wait another day between washes and the scent is unoffensive.
The verdict: Already repurchased.

Jeeez....I'm not good at "quick reviews" eh?

Have you tried any of these items?

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