Beauty | Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Review


I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with primers. I love to buy them - my skin HATES them!

At £26.50 this Clarins product was a bit of a punt for me. I tested it at an event and loved the effect it had on my hand so jumped in feet first and bought myself TWO tubs as there was a GWP offer on (who doesn't love GWPs?!).

The first thing that stood out to me about the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch has to be the packaging - oh how I love being able to get to ALL of the product when I buy something. In the past I've been known to dabble with Benefit Porefessional and Clinique Pore Minimiser but both of those products come in small squeezable tubes and cutting them in half when I'm running low just breaks my heart. The Clarins product comes in a cute little red 15g jar with a silver screw lid - it feels luxurious but for that price tag - I'd hope it would! Also to keep the antibac lover in us happy - you don't need to dive on it there with your mucky hands as the Clarins product comes with a handy spoon to scoop out just the right amount of product for a full face application.

Perfecting Touch promises to provide a second-skin type base for your products to sit on. To smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while blurring pores and I find that pretty accurate.

I don't have much trouble with lines or wrinkles but I do have very large pores (TMI?..soz) that I like to deal with before applying my foundation.

As I said, I've had trouble with some primers in the past, most silicone based primers just slide right off my face. Porefessional used to work for me but I find as the years have passed that my skin has become more reluctant to love it. Although this product does contain silicone, I find it settles well on my face, provides moisture in the areas I need it and keeps my T-zone nice and matte throughout the day.

Perfecting Touch blurs the larger pores and reduces the redness around any blemishes - I'm not going to say it completely hides everything - 'cos y'know, that's what foundation is for. But in the grand scheme of evil combination skin versus amazing product - this offering from Clarins stands up for itself pretty damn well.

I'd recommend the Clarins Instant Smooth to anyone who loved Benefit Porefessional in the past but now wants to try something new OR if you've never got on with silicone based primers before like me, try popping along to your local Clarins counter and have a wee play with this product.

Have you ever tried this product? What's your favourite primer?