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What's the easiest way to add a bit of bling to your outfit this time of year?  NAILS!!!

Now I'm no manicurist, I'm a messy girl - every time I paint my stumpy little broken nails I ruin them within 10 minutes but still, I love a good quality glitzy polish around Christmas time.

China Glaze - 182 Ruby Pumps
My all time favourite nail polish!  I ADORE this one.  It's the perfect shade of red, glittery, hard-wearing and NOT impossible to remove.  I'm a huge fan of China Glaze polishes, I find their brushes and formula perfect, they don't go clumpy and last forever.

Illamasqua - Viridian
Admittedly this top 5 is a little Illamasqua heavy but I think that's completely justified as Illamasqua products are AMAZING in my eyes.
Viridian is a gorgeous pearlescant teal - something a little different to the normal Christmas green for me.  This shade is a perfect match for one of my favourite dresses and has great staying power.

Illamasqua - Glittati
Now this is one you may have to break out the tin foil for when removing but it's worth it!
It looks more purple in the bottle but when applied it's a deep dark red with rainbow glitter.  It applies really smooth and is completely opaque in two coats which I find unusual for a glitter polish.  The perfect party shade in my eyes. 

Illamasqua - Raindrops
Something a little bit different for me here.  I wouldn't normally use such a light shade as my skin is super pale but this light grey with a fine shimmer just really appeals to me.  It's a really subtle shade which again has great staying power.  I wore this to my Christmas party this week when wearing a very loud polka dot dress - just the right amount of colour.

Make Up Gallery - Pixi Dust Pink 4
OK. so this name is a complete fib - it's NOT pink at all.  Actually it's almost completely clear in colour but it's one of the best shimmer topcoats I have ever found.  For £1 from Poundland it's stunning!  Add this on top of any shade for a bit of instant Christmas glamour. 

Do you co-ordinate your nails to your Christmas outfits?  Or are you like me?  A messy girl with messy but pretty coloured nails.

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  1. The Raindrops one is perfect! Great post lovely xo

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