Beauty | Resolutions For 2016

Beauty | Resolutions For 2016

My name is Gillian and I have a confession.  Actually I have ten. 

You know those things we all have great intentions to stop doing but just keep doing them?
Well that's my aim for this year - knock some of those on the head.  This year - I pledge thee that I will....

1. Stop using make up wipes. Sure I only use them when really drunk but still, stop it!
2. Throw away beauty products that I've had for so long that they may have started growing body parts.
3. Stop using heat on my hair EVERYDAY and not using a protector spray.
4. Wear suncream - SPF in foundation is not enough, I burn quicker than a frozen pizza, BAM!
5. Stop peeling nail polish off - it's not not pretty.
6. Use a deep conditioner.
7. Stop picking my mascara off come mid's not a good look.
8. Get regular haircuts - the broken, stressed hair look is so 2005.
9. Apply moisturiser down my neck....actually apply it on my face too. Something I'm terrible for forgetting to do. I'mma look like a prune by 35.
10. Dry shampoo! Cool, this shit! Sure, it helps my hair colour last longer but it also is really bad for my scalp if used too often.

Are you guilty of any of these bad habits? 

Share your secrets, I won't tell...


  1. I didn't know dry shampoo was bad for your scalp if you use it too often!

  2. These are such good beauty resolutions! I need to listen to all of them, especially the picking off nail varnish one I just can't help myself arghh xo