Beauty | Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation Review


I'm just gonna go right out there an say it - COME ON KVD, GET YOUR BRAND TO THE UK, Please k, thanks!

I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging and I'll admit that when I bought my first Kat Von D make up item (eyeliner, obvs) it was purely based on the aesthetics -  just look at the pretty packaging!!
Getting my hands on the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation was a bit of a faff - I wasn't sure which shade to buy as it comes in an amazing range of 19 shades and online swatches are only as good as the camera taking them, y'know!?
In the end I opted for "light 46" which is described as pale with pink undertones online - the lightest shade I could find for my ghost-like complexion and I can confirm it is VERY pale on the skin.
I am a full coverage kinda girl, my holy grail foundation will always be Estée Lauder Double Wear but I'm for some reason obsessed with trying other brands and looking for a cheaper option as £30 for my E.L ain't so good on the purse strings.  But priced at $35 from Sephora online which works out around £24/£25 plus postage and customs fees, the KVD offering is not going to fit that bill.  Still, it's one I've wanted to try for a long time now so I treated myself.
The KVD Lock It Tattoo Foundation is an interesting product - I thought with it being full coverage that it would be super matte on the skin but it's not.  I find it takes a bit longer than normal to dry/set to a semi-matte finish, almost a little dewy on the skin - I always seal my foundation with a little powder so I wait a few moments longer before doing so when I wear this one - it's not a foundation to apply when you're in a rush.
Once it's set though, it's just lovely.  It gives an almost air-brushed look to the face without being cakey and I find that I don't need to use concealer on any small blemishes either as the coverage on this is so good.
Overall I'd give the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation a firm 8.5 out of 10. 
It's long lasting, a great finish, doesn't transfer and is buildable but it does take that few more moments longer to set and isn't as easy to get your hands on in the UK. 
It's certainly worth adding to your basket and giving it a go.
Have you tried any KVD products yet?