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I'm a complete bargain hunter, I'm not going to fib - who doesn't love a good bargain?!

I've said it many times on the blog before that I am ALSO a huge fan of LUSH and have no regrets when I use a full bubble bar or bathbomb in one bath, sure it may be a bit of a waste on money but pretty bathtime treats are one of the few vices I have these days #oldcow

I know many bloggers are running out to LUSH everytime a new collection is released but I want the cheap stuff guys.  So of course I'm going to head into the LUSH sale and see what I could nab at half price.

I'll also admit here that I did actually place an order online around Boxing day - that order came to over £80!  I slapped myself silly and had to phone and cancel it, £80 on bath products was just going to go a little OTT...I spent that £80 on pretty boots instead, 'cos y'know... a girl gotta have some good boots!

Anyway, I decided to just pop to my local store instead and see if there was anything left - to my surprise even three weeks after the sale got going, LUSH Belfast still had LOADS left. LUSH HAUL Christmas 205 2016
Cinders BathBomb x3
The smallest of the lot but this little gold coloured bathbomb packs a real punch so I made sure to nab a few.  The scent of this is, of course cinnamon but it reminds me a lot of one of my favourite shower gels from Treacle Moon, Warm Cinnamon Nights.  It's a sweet cinnamon scent with popping candy on top for a little extra fun.
Luxury Lush Pud BathBomb
Now this was bought purely based on the look as by the time I'd found this one I'd lost my sense of smell.  It pink, polkadot and a really decent size so it went right in my basket.  Sadly since I've regained a working nose I've discovered this bathbomb has quite a Strong lavender scent (BLEAUGH) so I'll be passing this onto a friend - it's just a bit too lavender'y for me, thanks.
Bar Humbug Bubblebar
This was the main item I popped to store for -  purple and silver bubblebar that smells of sweet liquorice... YES PLEASE!! Sadly there were only very small bars left on my visit but I'll be able to get at least two uses from this item.

Christmas 2015 LUSH Sale Haul
Shoot For The Stars BathBomb
Ohh I love Disney references.  I actually received one of these as part of my Disney Bloggers Secret Santa this year from the lovely Sophie Jo and the smell was AMAZING - I could smell it before I even unwrapped my parcel.    I loved how uplifting and citrus'y (that's a word, K) it seemed so I couldn't stop myself buying another.

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
A reusable star shaped bubble bar infused with cinnamon and cloves, mounted on a cinnamon stick, drenched in glitter and topped off with an adorable jingle bell - I just couldn't resist, especially when it was only £2.97 in the sale.

I am a HUGE fan of LUSH solid exfoliator bars, I've previously talked about the Rough with the Smooth (here) but this little green sugar scrub was half the price (£2.95 not in the sale) of my usual favourite so I thought I'd give it a bash.   I was a little apprehensive as this cutie also has lavender listed in its ingredients and as I said above, it's not my cuppa tea but in this product it's really faint - it seems to be outdone by the fennel and ginger, making it refreshing rather than old granny's cupboard soap.
Did you pick up anything in the LUSH sale or did you hold off and treat yourself in the new Valentine collection?

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