Beauty | Product Empties & Speedy Reviews - February 2016

February 2016 Product Empties

Product empty posts are one of my favourites to read!  You know that once someone has managed to work their way through all of a product then they'll have a good idea of their opinion on it.

Lifestyle | Favourite YouTube Channels

youtube stars and my favourites of early 2016

Y'know when you spend all your free time watching videos on YouTube and wonder where the hell the time went?  These are the ladies who have pinched all of my free time recently!
My go-to for all things black and Goth!  Dani shares her monthly shopping hauls on her channel and has a great knack for finding all things Goth in the most unlikely places.  Good accent & great hair too! 

Beauty | The High End Splurge: Dior Diorific True Colour Lipstick

A photo of Diorific 013 Ange Bleu Lipstick blog
Did you know that Dior have a magic lipstick matching machine?
It's true!
A few days before Christmas I found myself bumbling around my local House of Fraser looking at lipstick (natch, ssshhh) when I should have been gift shopping.  I got chatting to a lovely lady at the Dior counter who told me about her fancy machine.

Beauty | A Touch Of Drama Smokey Eye Kit By Max Factor

Max Factor A Touch Of Drama Smokey Eye Kit
Max Factor A Touch Of Drama Smokey Eye Kit

A while back I made a very un-beauty-blogger confession.....I'm TERRIBLE at eyeshadow.
Yes, I know, I know, I hang my head in shame.

Lifestyle | Valentines Gift Guide

Does anyone actually do the whole swoony Valentine thing we are lead to believe exists?  Y'know, the type of thing, being whisked away to spend the weekend in a spa, and having diamond encrusted shit thrown at you.

I certainly have not.

I'm one of those folk that says I don't do Valentine's day.  Oh no, I don't need a specific day to be shown how much G loves me...... but of course I'm lying!

I love a wee bit of tack now and then.  Sure showing how much you love each other is not defined by how big a teddy bear you buy or where you go for dinner etc but if you're in a relationship and don't get/do something on V.D....are you really ok with it?

Not this gal.

I've pulled together a load of shit that I've clapped eyes on recently that have either made me crack a smile or I wouldn't mind finding hiding in my letterbox this weekend.

It's a little mug heavy but who doesn't like a mug?

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Beauty | Clearer Skin With Viridian Nutrition


It's a well known fact that I've mentioned time and time again on the blog that I suffered bad acne as a teenager.  I tried everything from creams to pills, over the counter items and prescription meds.  In the end my skin settled as I got into my late teens with the help of a specific birth control pill - Dianette.  I'll talk a little more about Dianette soon though.

Beauty | Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk Review

A photo of Soap and Glory Peaches and clean cleansing milk from review
I felt since I talked about this briefly in my January empties last week (here) that it was only fair to do a full post for the Soap & Glory Peaches &Clean Deep Cleansing Milk.

Coming in at a totally purse-friendly price of £8.00 (but usually found in the 3 for 2 Boots offering) The Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk has been in my life for over a year now and I can't rave about it more. 

Lifestyle | My Little Wish Box - January 2016

My first ever "My Little Box" I'm SO FRIGGING EXCITED!

My Little Box January 2016 blog review

If you've read my most recent subscription box review here you'll know that I've been on a hunt to find new and exciting subscription boxes recently.  I love having a little surprise delivery arrive on my work desk every now and then but I feel like I've tried most of the big ones and quite frankly, I've gotten bored of them.  How many mascaras does one girl need?