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It's a well known fact that I've mentioned time and time again on the blog that I suffered bad acne as a teenager.  I tried everything from creams to pills, over the counter items and prescription meds.  In the end my skin settled as I got into my late teens with the help of a specific birth control pill - Dianette.  I'll talk a little more about Dianette soon though.

But Dianette is not something that should be taken long-term so around my mid-twenties I had to start looking for alternatives to help keep my skin clear-ish.
I'm now 32 and I still suffer from break-outs.  I've yet to find the holy grail complexion solution.
A few months ago I was contacted by Viridian Nutrition, providers of natural supplements, vitamins and essential oils to ask if I'd like to test out some of their products and I was intrigued.  I'd never tried any supplements for my skin in the past.  To be honest I was always a little scared - taking a pill that's not prescribed by my Dr always seemed a little iffy to me.
Viridian sent me some details of their products and information on some recent studies they carried out along with details of the ingredients in the supplements which made me feel more at ease so I opted to try out a supplement for my skin.  The study information I received was very interesting as the average age of the participants was 33!  Ideal.
Clear Skin Complex Vegetarian Capsules* are a completely natural supplement designed to do exactly what you'd think - help clear the skin.  I was advised to take 2 supplements each day with breakfast and that's exactly what I've been doing.  I am now exactly two months in and still going strong - I'm usually rubbish at remembering to take medication etc so I'm rather proud of myself for sticking with this one.
Initially I was put off by the smell of the capsules as they do have a strong whiff about them but two months in I hardly notice it now.
So, verdict?  I won't lie, I HATED them at first, I hated the smell, I swear they broke me out REALLY bad in the first week.  I did actually consider stopping taking them after a week or so but I think my body just took some time to adjust to the supplement but after two months my skin feels smoother with A LOT less black/ whiteheads (TMI?  Soz!) and any new blemishes feel much smaller than before. 
My foundation is going on much smoother now and lasting a lot longer than before so I can't argue with that, eh?
Costing £22.06 for 60 capsule bottle (1 month supply) the Clear Skin Complex* is affordable and seems to be effective for me so far, I'm excited to try more now.
Will you be trying them?  Have you tried any other supplements?
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*Post contains PR material - views are my own, so they are*

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