Beauty | The High End Splurge: Dior Diorific True Colour Lipstick

A photo of Diorific 013 Ange Bleu Lipstick blog
Did you know that Dior have a magic lipstick matching machine?
It's true!
A few days before Christmas I found myself bumbling around my local House of Fraser looking at lipstick (natch, ssshhh) when I should have been gift shopping.  I got chatting to a lovely lady at the Dior counter who told me about her fancy machine.

Basically it's like an iPhone with a scanner that notes your skintone and then you decide which shade type you like and they recommend the best tone in that shade range for you.
I'm ALWAYS drawn to reds!  It's some sort of little girl beauty dream of mine to own ALL the red lipsticks and pull them off like a 50's movie goddess.....a girl can dream, eh?
My consultant matched me to this absolute beauty of a shade and I just couldn't walk away from it.
Ange Bleu 013 is a STUNNING blue toned red that matches my hair and skin tone so perfectly I swear it was made specially or me! 

Dior Diorific 013 Ange Bleu Lipstick
The formula of these lipsticks is like something I've never owned before.  The staying power alone is worth the £28.00 price tag.  They apply like a satin but dry to a (very conditioning) matte after a few moments and one application lasts me a good 5/6 hours without needing to touch up, even through eating and guzzling a million cuppas.
I fear Ange Bleu may have kicked off an expensive habit as more Diorific lipsticks are now top of my wishlist....oops.
What's you're favourite high-end lipstick brand?

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  1. Ooh this sounds really interesting! I'm super intrigued by this, I always see lipsticks I like on other people, but then try them myself and feel a bit meh. So this sounds like a great idea.

  2. Ouch at the price, but it's absolutely beautiful! xx


  3. The sales assistant matched you so well, the lipstick really suits you!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  4. I've never spent beyond £16 (Mac) on a lipstick. However, the fact that they specifically matched this colour to you justifies the price tag to me. xx

  5. Omd, I want to try the special machine! That lippy is gorge and you look like a sexy minx! The packaging - omg!!! Love it.

    Sarah | <3

  6. Love the packaging, it's gorgeous! The shade does suit you :) xx

    Jasmine ||

  7. Omg that packaging, I'd feel like a Bond villain using that! <3

  8. Hi, what a fab idea, I might have to pop along to Dior and try the match thing out. That shade certainly suits you! I used to have a few Dior lippys years ago but kind of turned to coloured balms and glosses. Now I'm back into Lippys and currently loving CT's Between the Sheets, a pinky nude and MACs Huggable lip colour in Extra Sweet.
    Heidi x

  9. *swoooon* The shade really suits you! I have yet to find my perfect red to suit my yellow-y skintone but I'll pop by the Dior counter and check out some lippies! I love the packaging, I love me a bit o' gold! xxx

  10. This shade looks amazing on you. That lipstick's packaging looks so nice, it makes me want to buy it without even trying it. I would feel so cool just pulling that lipstick out of my purse!

    Destiny x |

  11. Omg this shade is insane. I need this right now - it looks stunning on you! - Megan X