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youtube stars and my favourites of early 2016

Y'know when you spend all your free time watching videos on YouTube and wonder where the hell the time went?  These are the ladies who have pinched all of my free time recently!
My go-to for all things black and Goth!  Dani shares her monthly shopping hauls on her channel and has a great knack for finding all things Goth in the most unlikely places.  Good accent & great hair too! 
Does what it says in the tin!  Mikhila shares her love of beauty products in hauls, get ready with me videos and budget guides.  She also makes the videos for budget brand: Freedom Make-up's channel too (here).
Get ready to discover the sweetest ever on the internet!
Sophie's Vlogmas was the only channel I made sure to catch every episode of as she's just so lovely.  Her channel has a little bit of everything: hauls, make up, baking and just general fun and smiles.
Do you ever watch someone on YouTube and think to yourself, "ARE YOU IN MY HEAD?"  Leah is make up mad and she covers everything from budget to high end - swatches galore! 
Kiera is a full time YouTuber, cruelty free make up lover and rat mumma - what's not to love?  Kiera's videos are extremely pretty to watch, always well lit, well edited and put a smile on my face.
I think we all know who Hannah Gale is now, yea?  Is there anyone left who doesn't read her blog nowadays?  And if so, WHY NOT?!  Now stepping into the world of vlogging and doing more video content, Hannah is the girl next door, and DAMN that girl has amazing taste and great style. 
Are you looking for a bit of plus size fashion and a down to earth attitude?  Em is your girl!  She does weekend vlogs, style videos and a weekly catch up called "Tea with E" covering all sorts of topics.  Well worth a watch.
DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY!!!!  Ellie is a complete Disney nut and lucky enough to be a DLP annual pass holder and we are lucky enough that she likes to vlog her trips!!  Ellie's ramblings is also one of the first blogs I started to regularly read back in 2012/2013.
Special mentions also need to go to three of my favourite bloggers who started their YouTube channels in 2015: Emmys Beauty Cave, She Might Be Loved and Sarah Russell.  I can't wait to see more from these three ladies in the near future!
Do you kill time watching You Tube?  Who are your favourites at the moment?
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  1. I love youtube so much & yep maybe a tad addicted haha! My fave Channels I watch the most that are inspirational, hilarious and I never get bored of watching are:
    Alfie Deyes (aka pointless blog)
    Samantha Maria aka BeautyCrush
    Roman Atwood, Brittany & his family aka Smile More (a highly recommended amazing American family) they are inspirational and I could just talk about them forever, they are absolutely hilarious and never a dull moment with there vlogs and more
    LisaG XoX

  2. Thank you so much. I'm honoured to be on this list! Some that I'm not watching so I'm off to subscribe to them now x

  3. I haven't watched any of these people before but I'll definitely go and check them all out. I love spending time watching Youtube, I usually watch youtube videos while I get ready in the morning as well because I feel like it makes the whole process that much more enjoyable.

  4. I love Hannah's videos, she's such a beaut! I'll definitely check out your other recommendations :) x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  5. I love watching YouTube then realise half the days gone.. oops. I love Miss Budget Beauty, I'll have to have a look at some of these too :D xx

    Beth // Polishedcouture

  6. I've been looking for new youtubers to watch so this post is perfect! Just bookmarked it :) x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  7. I definitely waste hours of my day in Youtube land, and I always love finding new people to watch! Great post! XO -Kim

  8. Ahh I bloody love Hannah Gale & I'm so glad she's ventured into the world of Youtubing - she's doing great! xx

  9. My favorites are Wayne Goss, Fleur de Force, Tati, and Zoella! I need more beauty videos in my life, I love this post x

  10. I've never really ventured in to the world of vloggers so I'm really happy to try out your recommendations! Aaaah everything Disney sounds amazing!! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)