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February 2016 Product Empties

Product empty posts are one of my favourites to read!  You know that once someone has managed to work their way through all of a product then they'll have a good idea of their opinion on it.

Enter my February empties.
Café De Bain Indulgent Bath Crème in Cherry & Almond Frangipane
I picked up the whole range of these Café De Bain products last year (post here) from Superdrug when they were on sale and I've not changed my mind one bit on them.  Super affordable and adorable packaging, this bottle made my bathroom look a little more classier and made my bath runneth over with bubbles.  The scent is sweet but doesn't last too long on the skin.  The formula is very thick so I found it plops out of the bottle in huge dollops and I used a lot of product in one bath but for £2.99 I'm happy enough with that. 
The verdict: 7/10 cute packaging, sweet but not long lasting scent, super cheap.
NYX HD Concealer in CW02 Fair
I did a quick post on this last year when I spoke about my favourite concealers (here) and this NYX product is still one of my favourites.  I kinda forgot about it for a few months though and it got a bit thick and gross so I've called it a day on this tube.  The formula on this concealer is lovely, it feels light on the skin, doesn't crease and it comes in a super pale princess shade so gets a big tick from me.
The verdict: 9/10 It's pale, drugstore available and lasts well.  I've already repurchased.
Toni & Guy Firm Hold Hairspray
I actually received this as part of a set at Christmas so this tube is smaller than normal.  It does what you want in a hairspray really, there's not much more I have to say on this one.  I find the scent on the Toni & Guy hair products a bit manly, something in there I can't quite put my finger on but it's not unpleasant,  If you have a full fringe you'll understand how important hairspray is - this little tube lived in my handbag and saved my hair on many occasions.  At £2.99 for the full 200ml size I'd certainly repurchase as it held my fringe in place without making my hair feel stiff.
The verdict: 6.5/10 if it had a sweeter or more neutral scent I'd be all over it but right now I'm working with some sweet scented Fudge spray so won't be repurchasing this one for a while.

February 2016 Product Empties

Soap & Glory Orangeasm Body Butter
Another smaller than normal gift set sized item.  It's a well documented fact here on the blog that I'm terrible at using moisturiser but I'm making a conscious effort this year to try and change that.  Soap & Glory are one of my favourite brands but the Orangeasm scent just wasn't for me.  I'm much more of a Sugar Crush gal and I think I always will be.  It took me a long time to use up this little 50ml tub.  The consistency of the Soap & Glory butters are lovely and this was no different but the scent just made me hate it, sadly.
The verdict : 2/10 purely for the moisture alone.
Tresemmé Split End Repair Serum
As someone who colours their hair and uses heat a lot I'm always conscious to try and keep the ends of my locks as well looked after as possible.  I picked this up for a couple of quid in a local chemist and I've been well impressed with it.  I don't like using too much of anything on my hair when styling etc as my hair is quite prone to greasiness(TMI?...soz) but just two quick pumps of this stuff massaged into my ends leaves them looking sleek and stress free.  I've been using my Babyliss Curl Secret (review here) a lot more since my hair is getting longer and this serum has helped lock in the moisture I need to protect it.
The verdict: 8/10 I can't see this product repairing any damage but I certainly think it's helped protect against further damage.  Well worth a few quid.
Bleach London Rose Conditioner
Ok, so the colour aspect of the rose conditioner is a bit wasted on me in this product since my hair is bright rose red but I thought buying this would add a little bit of colour to my hair each time I washed it.  To be honest I saw nothing colour-wise but I'm not going to judge it on that.  I only bought it as it was on sale in Boots to 87p at the time.
I can however judge it based on the conditioning properties and for that it's complete shit.  This stuff feels like it just sits on top of the hair, it doesn't penetrate the strands at all and just doesn't do the job you'd expect of a conditioner that is supposed to cost £6.00.
The verdict: I wouldn't waste even 60p on this. 
Philosophy Purity Cleaner
Ahhh Philosophy ohh how I love thee.  Why oh why did you leave Debenhams?
I love this cleanser, it's no secret.  I featured it in my evening skincare routine last year (here) and my views are still the same.  The name is perfect for this product, it really does just make your skin feel pure and clean.  It has a very faint scent, is super gentle on the face, even if you get this stuff in your eyes when trying to remove layers of thick eyeliner (ahem...) it's pretty damn sweet.
A bottle lasts me forever as you only need the tiniest amount, for this size bottle you're talking around £16.00 for it's worth it.  One of the best cleansers I've ever used.
The verdict: 10/10 love this stuff.  Right now I have around 8 cleansers in my collection so I'm trying to hold off buying a new bottle but I will.
Have you tried any of these items? 

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