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Does anyone actually do the whole swoony Valentine thing we are lead to believe exists?  Y'know, the type of thing, being whisked away to spend the weekend in a spa, and having diamond encrusted shit thrown at you.

I certainly have not.

I'm one of those folk that says I don't do Valentine's day.  Oh no, I don't need a specific day to be shown how much G loves me...... but of course I'm lying!

I love a wee bit of tack now and then.  Sure showing how much you love each other is not defined by how big a teddy bear you buy or where you go for dinner etc but if you're in a relationship and don't get/do something on V.D....are you really ok with it?

Not this gal.

I've pulled together a load of shit that I've clapped eyes on recently that have either made me crack a smile or I wouldn't mind finding hiding in my letterbox this weekend.

It's a little mug heavy but who doesn't like a mug?

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Bite Me Sweater | Cheese Hamper | Twat Keyring |
G&T MugSweets | Cushion | Etsy Smug Mug |

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  1. I need that Bite Me jumper with all of my secret greasy heart. Love this post. <3

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  3. The mug and cushion are amazing! I would definitely get my bf those!

  4. Hahaha! I love that mug. It's a shame my hubby doesn't drink hot drinks. :) xx

  5. Looool love it! I need that I love your stupid face cushion!x