Lifestyle | Boxcitement Subscription Box Review - March 2016

Boxcitement Subscription Box Review : March 2016
Boxcitement Subscription Box Review : March 2016

Are you a lover of all things stationary, cute and creative?  Then pull up a pew and let me introduce you to this months Boxcitement box.  

Boxcitement is a monthly subscription box jam packed full of accessories, jewellery, stationary and greeting cards all squeezed into a slimline box which fits perfectly through your letterbox - ideal if you're out during the day and hate those dreaded red leaflets from the postie. 

Beauty | Wednesday Wishlist With Farfetch

I'm forever lusting and dreaming over new items to add to my make up bag or daily skincare routine.  It's becoming a very long list these days with so many of the items on the higher end of the purse-string scales.

Recently I discovered, the high-end online retailer specialising in luxury fashion have launched a new beauty section in conjunction with Space NK Apothecary and it's everything you'd expect it to be and more.

I've pulled together a totally drool-worthy wishlist of some of my most sought after items.  'Cos what's better than spending hours day dreaming over the latest beauty releases?

Farfatch new highend beauty range
Becca Blotting Power - I've been dying to get my hands on some BECCA products for a while now and this blotting powder is top of my list.  It's non drying and controls shine without adding colour.  Perfect for me as I have combination skin. 

Beauty | Colorsport 30 Day Mascara - Eyelash & Brow Tint

As a natural blonde (I've not seen that for over 15 years though so sshhh) I struggle with my brows.  Oh boy, do I struggle.  Pinky red hair does not go well with blonde eyebrows and I'm not about to start trying to rock that trend anytime soon.

For the last seven or so years since being a brightly coloured-hair lady I've had to make some changes to my routine but getting tinted at a salon can add up.  I don't mind paying more if I'm going for a brow wax and tint but I'm lucky enough that my brows actually grow quite slowly, meaning it can be months between waxes.

I also find that a salon tint fades after a few weeks and I'm left with a set very pale slugs on my face.  Enter DIY at home tinting.

Colorsport 30 Day Mascara - Eyelash & Brow Tint

For the last year I've been using this ColorSport 30 Day Mascara / Brow Tint between salon visits and I've been so pleased with the results.  This is a semi-permanent tint for your lashes and brows that is designed to last up to 30 days and it takes just a few moments to do at home.

Beauty | Spring Make Up Menu

It's been a bit of a mundane month for me beauty-wise.  I've been on a bit of a mission to use up existing products before buying more but GAWD, it's just so damn dull trying not to shop, isn't it?
Recently I've been shopping my stash and rediscovering some items in my collection and cementing the basics in my daily make up bag and these are the items I have found myself reaching for almost every day.
 Spring Make Up Menu Whats on my face blog review