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As a natural blonde (I've not seen that for over 15 years though so sshhh) I struggle with my brows.  Oh boy, do I struggle.  Pinky red hair does not go well with blonde eyebrows and I'm not about to start trying to rock that trend anytime soon.

For the last seven or so years since being a brightly coloured-hair lady I've had to make some changes to my routine but getting tinted at a salon can add up.  I don't mind paying more if I'm going for a brow wax and tint but I'm lucky enough that my brows actually grow quite slowly, meaning it can be months between waxes.

I also find that a salon tint fades after a few weeks and I'm left with a set very pale slugs on my face.  Enter DIY at home tinting.

Colorsport 30 Day Mascara - Eyelash & Brow Tint

For the last year I've been using this ColorSport 30 Day Mascara / Brow Tint between salon visits and I've been so pleased with the results.  This is a semi-permanent tint for your lashes and brows that is designed to last up to 30 days and it takes just a few moments to do at home.

ColorSport can be found in most drugstores, I tend to pick mine up in Semi-Chem (actually the only thing I think I still go into Semi-Chem for these days) as it's the cheapest place to find it circa £4.50.

Included in the little box you get
  • 1 Bottle of Eyelash Colour Solution 1 (5ml)
  • 1 Tube of Eyelash Colour Gel 2 (5ml)
  • Eye protection papers
  • 1 Lash brush/ spooly
  • 1 Instructions leaflet

  • Not gonna lie here, I've NEVER used the eye protection papers, as I don't trust myself to tint my own eyelashes, that's a job for the professionals, I don't wanna blind myself.  Personally I use this set purely for my brows but if you had a friend giving you a hand I'm sure doing your lashes would be grand too.

    Colorsport 30 Day Mascara - Eyelash & Brow Tint

    The instructions included in the box are super clear and even better - the products included are numbered so you can tell which step to do first.  I always apply some Vaseline around my brows to protect the skin from being tinted too - 'cos I'm a messy git ^_^.
    • Apply several coats of the eyelash/ brow colour solution (1) with a cotton bud and leave on for 1 min.
    • Apply circa 1cm of the lash/brow colour gel (2) onto the little spooly and brush through the brows.
    • Rinse off any excess gel immediately 'cos that shit will tint yer face.
    • Remove all traces of product with a damped cotton pad after 2/3 mins depending on how dark you want the tint.

    Voila!  I've got eyebrows again.

    Each pack says it contains enough for up to 12 applications and I can say I do get around 10/12 goes per purchase.

    If you're naturally fair I'd certainly say give ColourSport a go.  Have you tried it yet?

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