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It's been a bit of a mundane month for me beauty-wise.  I've been on a bit of a mission to use up existing products before buying more but GAWD, it's just so damn dull trying not to shop, isn't it?
Recently I've been shopping my stash and rediscovering some items in my collection and cementing the basics in my daily make up bag and these are the items I have found myself reaching for almost every day.
 Spring Make Up Menu Whats on my face blog review

The Base:
Estée Lauder Double Wear in Ecru - My baby!  Seriously!  I've used this foundation since I was 17.  That's just too many years to count!  I always look for alternatives but nothing compares.  I have combination skin, large pores and like a good full coverage - tick tick tick!
Double Wear gives me the long lasting coverage I want in the perfect shade for my skin and I just need to stop looking for a drugstore version, it's perfection.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Light 1 - Hello blogger cliché! 
Seriously though, we're all aware these days how awesome this concealer is, yes?  For years I went from pillar to post trying out different concealer brands (reviews here).  Sure I love my Estée Lauder concealer too but at £20+ a pop it's just not a habit I want to keep up with.  The Collection(2000) Lasting Perfection is everything I want from a concealer for around £4.  YES!
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus in C2 - I've gone back to MAC this month and I'm loving it.  I go between two or three powders just to shake things up a bit but this month MAC Studio Fix has my heart.  The shade is spot on for my pale skin and the coverage is just lovely.  It's so silky smooth to apply and helps keep me nice and matte when I'm stuck in the office.
Mesauda Milano Diamond Baked Blush in Shakira* - It's big, bold and bright and I've fallen back in love with this blush from Mesauda Milano that I spoke about last year (here).  A quick sweep and it's perfect.  Just look at that shade - lush!
The Brows:
Seventeen Brow's That! Brow Kit - There's a full review on this item here but this little set is just perfect.  It comes with a pencil, wax, powder and highlighter and is the perfect handbag size so I tend to throw this in my bag and put my brows on in work (sshhhh!)
Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium / Deep - Another life saver product for me.  A quick sweep of this over my brows keeps them in place and makes them look fuller all day.  I use this alone for a natural look or on top of my Seventeen Brow Kit when I have time to do the full works. 
Spring Make Up Menu Whats on my face blog review
The Eyes:
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper - The sharpest, blackest, smoothest pen liner I have ever used but it's not perfect on it's own for me.  Being the owner of the greasiest eyelids known to mankind means liner is a bit more hard work for me.  The KVD product is great for getting the perfect wing but for me it doesn't have the staying power I need so I follow up with.....
Make Up Gallery Pro Liquid Liner - Yes, the £1 eyeliner of my dreams.  You heard that right.  I mentioned this almost a year ago now here and I've loved this little pot of jet black liner ever since.  It withstands everything I've thrown at it and I'm talking sweaty 18 hour long bar shifts and more.  I use this on top of my KVD liner as I find the KVD pen easier to draw the perfect wing with and then I over-line that wing with this little bad boy to make it stay in place all day.
Kat Von D Immortal Lash Mascara - I've been using this mascara for around two months now which I think is pretty good going for a sample size product although it now may be on it's way out.  I'll be buying a full size of this as soon as I possibly can as it coats each and every lash perfectly.  The wand is like something I've never used before.  Plus that packaging...HASHTAG LOVE!
PS I love by Primark Khol Liner - Yes, Primark.  I picked this up one day I'd slept in for work and forgotten my make up bag.  I love the shape of the product, it's so easy to use, especially for tight-lining my upper lid (something I do everyday 'cos I'm still holding onto my goth days) and I adore it.  The one niggling point I have is that the lid falls off repeatedly but hey, it can't all be sunshine and rainbows for less than £2.
The Lips:
Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in 300 Out Of this World - The addition of a lip-gloss in my make up bag actually surprises me.  I was never a fan of lip-glosses but something drew me to this product one day I was bumbling around my local Poundshop.  Rimmel for £1.  Who was I to complain?  But this shade is actually very sweet.  It's a slightly shimmery natural pink shade on my lips, the product is not sticky as you'd normally associate with lip-gloss style products and I find it perfect to throw on for a day in the office.
Do you have a set selection of items you use everyday?  Or do you like to shake things up everyday?

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  1. I love the look of Benefit Gimme Brow - it's such a fab product, and one I think I'll forever repurchase xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie