Lush Belfast | Father's Day Launch

LUSH Belfast: Fathers Day Blogger Launch

LUSH have got to be one of the best companies for working with bloggers, right?
Well they just got even better! 
On May 11th 2016 Lush Belfast held their first EVER blogger event! 

Lifestyle | Surviving The Summer Festivals

I've been to more festivals than I could possibly ever remember.  For over 10 years I've found myself laying in a field surrounded by the best folk I've ever met and all the loud noises I could ever wish to hear.
Over the years I have attended festivals in many a guise; as a customer, as a volunteer and as an employee.  And I think I've managed to put together an essential list of items one needs to survive camping for 5 days.
Now most of the festivals I attended, I actually had to fly to, so I had to travel LIGHT.  There's no crates of booze or weeks worth of BBQ gear in my backpack.  But I did manage to survive over 5 days, in a tent, in sweltering heat OR rain and still come out of the end not covered in mud or missing any limbs.  

Surviving The Summer Festivals

Travel | Barcelona: A Photo Diary

I've been a little MIA recently, eh? 
But I can explain!!
Life had taken over for a few weeks there and then I went off on a lovely break to Barcelona with my bestest girls to relax, recharge and indulge in some good old fashioned culture.
This was my second time in Barcelona - although my first was as a child so I don't think that really counts.  So this time we made sure to do as many touristy things as we could squeeze in.  You gotta, don't you :)
barcelona gaudi sagrada familia

Lifestyle | My Little Bubble Box - March 2016

My Little Bubble Box : My Little Box March 2016

Ohh so, it's May and I'm talking about March stuff ....I'm a tad slow lately but sure, let's ignore that, yea?  Life and all that jazz takes over sometimes.

I couldn't help myself but re-subscribe to My Little Box again.  It's the one subscription box that brings beauty, lifestyle and cuteness together in one place and I just couldn't resist it and boy, am I glad I did.