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Recently I ran out of one of my favourite cleansers - The Body Shop Camomile Butter Cleanser (link) and if you've ever used that product you'll understand just how frigging amazing it is to just melt off thick eye make up and leave your face feeling wonderful.  But at £13.00 for only 90ml of product, I found myself going through a tin very quickly and my bank winced each time I bought a new one.
I'd heard good reports on using coconut oil as a cleanser so I grabbed myself a tub of the Vita Coco coconut oil on a recent supermarket shop for a purse-friendly £5.99 for 250ml and it's changed my cleansing routine SO much.  I love it!
Not only that, I've also been using it for a manner of other bits.  Who doesn't love a good multi-purpose product these days, eh?
Face scrub - mix equal parts coconut oil with equal parts sugar for a dreamy face scrub that smells like heaven.
Lip balm - stick your mouth in that jar and get it all over your lips - it's lush.  Nah, really.
Cuticle oil - slippy hands but DAMN it's good. 
Shave cream or post-shave lotion - plus you'll smell like a giant Bounty, why wouldn't you?
Hair mask - stop spending £6 every time you need a new hair mask, simply warm some coconut oil either in your hands or do what I do and put your jar in a sink of shallow warm water and work some oil through your hair - usually I just use it on my ends.
Have you been converted to coconut oil in your beauty routine yet?
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  1. I've heard so many people talk about Coconut Oil, I really need to get on this band wagon so to speak haha! Your Blog post is fab hun. Definately going to buy myself some and try it out. Xxx

  2. I'm never without coconut oil now that I know how amazing it is! I love it as a cleanser and a moisturiser!

  3. I absolutely love coconut oil!

    Happy Tuesday Doll! Ps: I'm hosting a Giveaway on the blog (Brand New Rose-Gold iPhone) I'd love if you entered. Kisses,